Reefer standalone bug fixed


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Hi again,
Rush_man is wright when i tested shadow option was off in my game.
Shadow bug fixed.
Rush_man thank you for notice this.
Best regards

Quentin, Kamaz, man400, Sergei Troubetzkoy, convert for ETS2 by NABIL
standalone Volidas


15 thoughts on “Reefer standalone bug fixed


    thank you for having fixed the bug shadow nice trailer 😀

  2. very nice, thanks for update and sharing

  3. Fresh Chiken for all


    1. You like it or not chicken is in the refrigerated transportation system my friend…

  4. BABA : You go in the def folder to change and write whatever you want LOL !!

    VOLIDAS : no problem my friend , Thanks to you very very much for sharing a great trailer like that , Thank you very much 1000 times .

    1. Thank you my friend!!!


    wonderful trailer. Thank you very much.

  6. yeah, young girlie chicken for all

    chick ckick chicken

    very good job, thanks

  7. Thanks for fixing it so quickly, great job…

  8. paraksenos18

    In scania 4×2 is too close in cabin… Is possible to change this ?

    1. Only authors can do that!!!

  9. Классный реф, люблю на нем свинок возить…

  10. “My friend” my friend.

  11. Thanks ! This is a nice trailer

  12. Jeramie Newman

    I have a question Volidas Can you contact me on facebook messenger I need to ask you a question about your trailer Im trying to skin it for my company Facebook JD Newman

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