Reefer trailer sound addon for ETS2 [SCS trailers only]

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Mod activates reefer trailer sounds from the Sound Fixes Pack for the vanilla game trailers in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
NOTE that trailer sounds like this are not a standard feature in the game, hence this addon will come with caveats.

The reefer engine will sound the loudest when you are close to the trailer and may play after coupling the trailer.
You can hear the hum of it inside the truck but you can open the windows to hear it in greater clarity.

The volume of the sound is determined by the trailer noise slider in the Audio settings.


Tested only for 1.40 game version and works with reefer trailers used in the Freight Market.
Requires Sound Fixes Pack (minimum v21.29) enabled for this to work.
Not guaranteed to work with mods replacing vanilla SCS trailers.
Compatible with reefer trailer in Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack.

If you want to make these sounds work with a different trailer mod, check out the modding guide here:


1. The major caveat is that the sound doesn’t follow the trailer, so once you start driving with the trailer, you will notice the sound fading away.
However, if you stay in the spot where you hooked up the trailer, you can listen to the reefer sound for as long as you want.

2. The shutdown of the reefer sound is abrupt. The sound event stops shortly after decoupling.

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8 thoughts on “Reefer trailer sound addon for ETS2 [SCS trailers only]

  1. AvM Transport

    Oh cool. I had wished for a long time.

  2. kuaczi223

    how to add to krone dlc. Please help me.

  3. Drive Safely

    Video demonstration is available! 🙂

  4. RockyBalboa12

    schade das man da extra den Sound mod braucht, ohne würde mir dieser mod besser gefallen, da der von scs sich besser anhört und man ja auch extra motorgeräusche mod benutzt ,vielleicht kann man den kühl sound ja auch noch ändern damit man nicht extra diesen grausame mod nicht braucht

    1. AvM Transport

      Welchen Sound Mod?
      In diesem zum Download bereit gestellten Mod befindet sich lediglich die Definition dafür. Der Sound kommt NICHT von diesem Mod. Überprüfe erstmal deine Fakten, bevor du blödsinn behauptest 😉

    2. AvM Transport

      Aber wenn dich etwas an dem Sound Mod stört, kannst du einfach das, was du für diesen hier brauchst, raus ziehen & in den anderen rein. Absolut kein Problem.

  5. RockyBalboa12

    das man den blödsinn braucht Sound Fixes Pack

  6. Владислав

    Подскажите пожалуйста а может кто-нибудь тестил этот мод на версии 1.32

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