Refurbished and Strong Xenon Lights v 1.1


Update for new version 1.15 , For All Trucks

Please share with the original link !



7 thoughts on “Refurbished and Strong Xenon Lights v 1.1

  1. Female Trucker

    Can we Delete the first one now V.1 ?

    1. KaptaN 38


  2. Dosen´t work on Scania T

    1. KaptaN 38

      Mod link please.

  3. 013stijn013

    Doesn’t work on my DAF Euro 6

  4. mrlongshen

    Thanks you so much

  5. I love your xenon lights, realistic and beautiful but it doesn’t work with american trucks like peterbilt and kenworth; k100 yes it works! Can u update your mod for those trucks? 379, T800, etc..? Thanks a lot!

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