Regional Map of Russia v 1.1.2

Regional Map of Russia (1) Regional Map of Russia (3) Regional Map of Russia (2)

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Global mod English Track Map every day is gaining more popularity especially among domestic audiences and this is not surprising, because this project promises to be the most voluminous and interesting lately.To the delight of players from remote regions R. F. the author plans to implement all regions and Autonomous districts of Russia, certainly the approach is correct because Russia is a huge country and is not limited to the European part.

Interesting features of this mod include the desire of the developer to adhere to the actual maps of the Russian Federation, the geographical location of settlements in the game corresponds to their geographic location in the reality that can be easily checked thanks to the well-known map services from Google or Yandex.

New in version v 1.1.2:
– Added 45 new settlements, where you can deliver the goods
– A large number of new roads
– Has been completely redesigned road from Velizh to the Western Dvina
– Added new Agency.

• Map offline, you must start a new game.
• Requires game version 1.18.xx (1.18.1 –

Authors: SCS Software, Oleg Kiselev


32 thoughts on “Regional Map of Russia v 1.1.2

  1. Is this any good?

  2. DLC Scandinavia & Going East is a must?

    1. I dont have scandinavia dlc yet so i cannot speak on that, but going east is a nice addition, though poland can be an annoyance to travel through sometimes, what with all their toll stations and whatnot.

  3. пахан горшков

    Заебись, пойдёт

  4. Я не могу понять, что кто-то, кто сделал такой проект и оставил его не завершена.Разве незнание или страх, не карту, чтобы соединиться с существующей игре без локализация и начать новую игру. Или просто не хотят, чтобы завершить проект в правильном направлении. Для меня, карта была сделана только для россиян, а не для других Европейцы. Очень плохо. В противном случае, карта и работа вокруг него вовсе не плохо сделано, наоборот.Сделайте это для стандартной игры вы, ребята.

  5. in english please….

  6. Gameguy 2

    i can’t unzip the files

    1. use WinRar

      1. Or 7-Zip..

  7. Good!!!
    P.S. Раз уж столиц нету… Значит парни затеили все по серьезному. Продолжайте, карта Супер! 9/10!

  8. This is Project Russian Track Map v1.1.2….
    Video HD here:

  9. The download file is very slow ….

  10. the only one map -> RusMap v1.5 (1.18.x) (Update 29.06.15) (REL)

    @ [email protected] !

  11. This is for those who understand English only;
    I can not understand that someone could do such a project and leave it unfinished. Either out of ignorance or out of fear that does not make a mistake in a developer
    working on a map, to unite with the main card of the game, without the localization and initiation
    new games. Or simply did not wish to do so until the end of the project as it should. For me, the map was done only for the Russians, and not for other Europeans. Too bad. Otherwise, the map is not that bad at all was done, on the contrary. Do you work in a standard game, you young men.

  12. The Map is standalone ?

    1. Yes, , You need to start with a new profile in order to use it.

    1. Danke schön!

  13. Карта мне не понравилась ! Хотя и проехал не много , притензии есть в том что есть косяки , типа трава на дороге и так далее . Нет вообще настоящего Русского дальнобоя ! А он нужен для такой карты . Так что из возможных 10 балов – я ставлю 4 . ВСЕГО 4 .

  14. Too many bugs! test the map before release it. and don’t be LAZY

  15. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. For those of you that are still interested in playing this map, this map has gone through a few updates. The current map update at the time that I am posting this comment is, version 1.1.4. I have gathered as much information as I could (there may be more info out there) and place it in the video descriptions of the 3 videos that I am about to post. All 3 cargo deliveries were done with the v1.1.4 of the map. So, I hope this helps……

    Video #1
    Picked up cargo in Ershichi
    Delivered cargo to Gdov 1521km run

    Remember to read the video description for more info.

  16. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. This is a continuation from my first post/comment…..

    video #2….
    Picked up cargo in Pkov
    Delivered cargo to Sonkovo 1523km run

    Remember to read the video description for more info.

  17. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. This is a continuation from my first and second posts/comments…..

    video #3
    Picked up cargo in Rv
    Teleported to Shumyachi
    Delivered cargo to Bologoe 1277km run

    Remember to read the video description for more info.

  18. For you that thinks the download is slow with the link provided.

    Here is a alternative that is much faster:

  19. very nice

  20. have off road roads?

  21. MisterVil

    can you please update this map to game version 1.19.x?

  22. Hi,
    You have at least 2 locations that have in it 3 items (a gas station, repairs, hotel) both have invisible walls. The first one I could not get into for gas. The second I could not exit after repairing my truck after a roll-over. Sorry, but I forget which two cities (somewhere on that lowest horizontal road/highway).
    Amanda & John

  23. Windows 7 AIO

    an you please update this
    map to game version 1

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