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The Reisproject is a (about 80%) rebuild of SCS’ map (roadcourses, landscape, details) + new Areas ( e.g. Danmark, Sweden, Norway )
To make it short: It’s focus was set on the level of detail.
Changelog 1.3 > 1.4:
– inclusion of SCS’ Free-DLC
– lot of new- and rebuilds
– Bugfixes
– Def-Tuning
– new city of Ulm (GER)
– longest Autobahn of Europe nearly completed – german A7 ( ~ 90% )
– new textures
– etc.
– sign model by bora
– sign model2 by kamaz – converted by merlinita
– overlay definitions/flags by merlinita
– Elektronische Anzeigetafel by ? – converted by merlinita
– scandinavian landscape coach: nod/esp
– tranquillizer by Gauloises Melange Original/OCB/Gizeh
Version game: 1.12, 1.12.1

Reislord, bora, merlinita, Gauloises Melange


15 Responses to Reisproject 1.4

  1. kamata93 says:

    All great but can you make the map work without the DLC Going East? I have the original game but I dont want to spend money on a DLC i dont like.

    • Dejan says:

      Well, most (if not all) of map mods demand DLC. I understand anti-DLC feeling (today you can’t buy a game without buying it over and over again), but good luck with maps… As far as I know, they will require second DLC soon also (Promod map most likely will, probably others too). If not, torrent it…

      • kamata93 says:

        Yeah I hear ya..but after all I spend money to buy it..I’m not going to torrent it

  2. Rudy says:

    how to unlock DEF?

  3. kamuka says:

    Can is use this with heavy alex or tsm, or other maps?

  4. NoVy says:

    The game is crushing. Fix it, because the map is great

  5. gabriel says:

    The game is crushing. Fix it, because the map is great

  6. Manfred says:

    Good map, also works with the russian map 1.3.5 :>

  7. MidniteTrain says:

    G’day mate. Your mod causes the game to crash at the mining site just outside Stuttgart. Stopping me for delivering my load otherwise nice work.

  8. UnableRogue says:

    The map looks AWESOME. I have made a couple of deliveries within this map but now it is constantly crashing in the exact same spot when I try and enter Rotterdam. (I hope that’s how you spell it.)

  9. Martin says:

    Ther is som bugs fra København to Sverige the game charce and from København to Odense!

  10. Ben says:

    The game crashes everytime i drive down to the highway from Oslo!

  11. paulo says:

    teria como vc fazer um complemento da parte scandinavian para rodar junto ao tsm 5.2 para ets 1.13, ficaria muito bom pois os mapas se tiverem complementos ( extensão ) ficaram bem completos.

    Ps: Eu uso TSM5.2+ Rusmap+neigemap+ indonesia map+ Rpm 5.01, e todos funcionam bem.

    se tiver como ficaria muito agradecido, aguardo resposta.

  12. Andy006 says:

    Hello there,
    i want to use your Mod, is it running under V. 1.14 or the new 1.15.???

    • Conrad says:

      no, not at the moment, i have tried it and it crashing. i hope the bringing out an update?

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