[REL] Border improvements Pack for ProMods 2.41 [1.35]

This mods rebuilds old border passes in ProMods map.

ProMods 2.41



4 thoughts on “[REL] Border improvements Pack for ProMods 2.41 [1.35]

  1. A Description was nice and usefully. Thank you. 😉

    1. stop commenting like a fool

      1. Do not read a Question if you understand nothing with your kiddy Brain, if you have one, little Fool… LOL

  2. A waste of my time and download money. Streets are way too small and tight, too many ###### signs, speeds are wrong, old tolls that dont open! Are you kidding or something???? Trying to get to Barcelona from Toulouse is sad and funny… This “mod” is typical of a generation that has forgotten quality. Seems to be the product of some kid who doesnt even drive what he thinks he has so “wonderfully” created. a heavy-### waste of time, full of bugs according to Console!

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