Renault 12 V1R80 (1.42)

Updated to 1.42



9 thoughts on “Renault 12 V1R80 (1.42)

  1. Stranger

    Pls, make mods with better quality. Those i have tryed were s***. Windows, wipers, interior animations like blinker levers DONT WORK!!!
    Try harder, because youre adding cars we need, but sadly with bad quality!

    1. He is a modder child. Other than spamming filthy mods, he doesn’t know how to do anything else. Coming from a Turkish teenager, what were you hoping for? If you are looking for good quality vehicles, you will have to turn to real modders who have been practicing for years. Now, you don’t necessarily find them on this thieves site. 😉


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  3. KeremAltın

    Beyaz toros :)) elinize sağlık birde fiorino yapma şansınız var mı? kolay gelsin…

  4. yusuf ayz

    pls golf 7 2018

  5. pls golf mk2 1985

  6. pls fiat fiorino

  7. bu arabaların niye direksiyonu yok?

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