Renault Clio 2 V1R20 – (1.36)

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Updated to 1.36 game version



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4 thoughts on “Renault Clio 2 V1R20 – (1.36)

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    video HD

  3. jordanbred

    please peugeot 205

  4. Hey. As a future owner of one of these beauties I want to say that I am amazed of how well this mod looks. But in a long journey around the map I found one little thing that is not how it should be. Nothing major, the handbrake animation is reversed, when you pull the handbrake, it is actually released and viceversa. Also, when you steer at an maximum angle you can see the calipers going through the wheels, but that isn’t that important either.
    I warmly recommend using this mod as it is very well done and it’s also a slow but fun car. Good job to the creator!!! Amazing work!

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