Renault Clio V (1.38)

The mod contains this

– Joy & Icon
– Mettalic color presets
– Full animated interior
– Original dashboard
– Additional spoiler and exhausts
– Completely AO rendered and bumped models
– All original rims
– OZ custom racing rims
– Chassis height option
– Completely standalone
– Realistic lights and masks

This mod works only 1.38.* game version

The Renault Clio V can be bought an all dealers and mod dealer

[email protected]

If you have any problems, feel free to send mail with details 🙂

Enjoy !

Thank you all modders who did something for this mod

– trzpro (convert, interior detailing, animations, dashboard, textures and more…)
– Skybh (for getting model)
– Huseyin Ulken & Yelkant Modacı
– Hüseyin Beşparmak (Rims)


16 thoughts on “Renault Clio V (1.38)

  1. dears please hyundai matrix

  2. Can you create Laika Ecovip 309s please?? Or another camper for example; Hymer motorhome there is in traffic’s game, in real life for example; Etrusco, Carado, Burstner,… but if is possible Laika Ecovip 309s.
    Please, Thanks!!

  3. Benjamin Magro

    WOW I love the car. The detail is impeccable. Can you create the Audi SQ8?

  4. Absolutely beautiful car and model. Very balanced performance and helpful addition to make own license plates.

    1. how do you do that, i downloaded and activated the license plate mod but how does it work?

      1. You need to open the License textures mod with 7zip or winrar. You must go then to vehicle > cliov_trzpro > textures and then edit both of the .dds files (I use Save them, and then activate the mod

  5. love this car i would be happy if you would make a renault espace 5

  6. Wow!! 🤯🤯🤯 Really, REALLY good work!!!

    1. Only thing is to fix the horn sound (its too short)

  7. Clio 5 Olduğunu gördüğüm an hemen indirdim. Çok detaylı bir mod olmuş ellerine kollarına sağlık.

  8. RebelCopyrights

    Really nice model! 11/10
    Precise work, quality model!
    All the accessories,small details just on top!

    Suggestion for further changes: Add Diesel Engine sound for diesel engines.

  9. new Renault Espace bitte


  11. can you make it for 1.37 pleaseee?

  12. Şoför camını açtığımda içerdeyken doğru cam açılıyor ama dış kameraya geçince tersteki cam açılmış gözüküyor. Yani açtığımız camın tersindeki cam açılmış gözüküyor dış kamerada. Ama mükemmel bir mod.


    I LOVE IT GOOD WORK 100000/10

    CAN U MAKE HYUNDAI I30 2016 ?

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