Renault D Wide by Zahed Truck v1.0 [1.48-1.49]

I’ve been working on Renault D-Series truck recently. The basic model is Renault Premium by scs. For the model to match reality, some changes have been made. The interior is the same as Renault Premium. But the interior trim, seat, and steering weel will be changed. The next version will be published with rigid chassis.

– No FPS Drop
– AO Texture
– HQ Interior
– 1 Type Of interior
– Nightday, Sleeper cabins
– DTI8, DTI11 engines
– Compatible with Cabin Accessories
– Template for Paint Job
– 4×2, 4×2 Low deck, 4×2 Brazil Edition chassis
– And More…

SCS Software (Renault Premium model)
Zahed Truck (model rework)


3 thoughts on “Renault D Wide by Zahed Truck v1.0 [1.48-1.49]

  1. Андрей

    Приятная машинка!Желаю удачи в проекте!

  2. Rene van Berkel

    nice truck works perfect.

    can you make some roofbars ??

  3. Care to replace stock engine sound with Kriechbaum’s DXI engine sound?

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