Renault Integral 390

renault-integral-390-1 renault-integral-390-2

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– Added New Real Sound
– Adapted versions: 1.24.x and 1.25.x.

Tested Game version
Find in Renault Dealer

Authors: Vinzel, Phantom94, MaxaGent


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10 thoughts on “Renault Integral 390

  1. Jake "NOMAD" Dunn

    Thank’s bro

  2. Old mod…

  3. Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  4. Старый мод !! Не адаптирован под 1.25.х ?

  5. CyrusTheVirus

    What you spect? It’s Maxagent….

  6. KurtTheShotGun

    Too much engine power

  7. miaoumixed


    Thank you for this mod, hope it works fine.
    Testing it tonight and expect great fun !


  8. Don’t download – mod from 2015.

  9. which dashboard computer does this use as the tuning for the dashboard computer in the middle of the dash does not work for me, i’m wondering if its interfering with another mod

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