Renault Magnum 750 hp Light Plus Multiplayer Ready v 2.0

Renault-Magnum-750-hp-Light-Plus-1 Renault-Magnum-750-hp-Light-Plus-2 Renault-Magnum-750-hp-Light-Plus-3

Renault Magnum is in truck dealerships with, Volvo fh16 750hp engine, Mercedes Actros2014 Transmission and Internal/External Sound, wheels Sirius, bullbar bottom, bullbar front, bullbar top, Sidestrips LED, The mod works By purchasing and installing the dealer truck accessories, led lights etc. By purchasing the truck with all accessories and saving the game the MOD can be removed, and the truck can be used in multiplayer! V2.0 Fixed several bugs, Change the Skin, New Front Bullbar. PS: If you make changes to the truck accessories without the MOD installed, the game would crash. All changes must be made at the time of purchase, or before you remove the MOD! Thanks.

Author: Mimmo_ITA


8 thoughts on “Renault Magnum 750 hp Light Plus Multiplayer Ready v 2.0

  1. Nimeni.Altu

    hey, i have a qwestion??
    can someone tell me HOW????

    1. Mimmo_ITA

      and all explained on

  2. Hello could you tell me where i can buy this truck? i search on every single dealerschip and there is no this truck going east dlc is needed to buy this truck?

    1. Mimmo_ITA

      the truck is available in all dealership renault from level 15 onwards, if one needs to have the lowest level, write me that I edit, thanks

  3. comment on fait pour le telecharger

    1. Mimmo_ITA

      under the word “Author: Mimmo _ITA” must click on DOWNLOAD 87 KB

  4. How do I activate this mod in MP?

    1. Mimmo_ITA

      you have to buy the truck with all the accessories in single player, quit the game and return to the multiplayer, ignore the error and continue the MOD not found.

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