Renault Magnum and Premium edit


Renault Magnum

6x2_4c, 6x4_2c, 6x4b, 6x4c, 6x4be, 6x4ce

adr plate
tir plate
engines and badges
Renault Premium

6x2_4e, 6x4_2e, 6x4e, 6×4
engines and badges
interior accessories eu and uk

SCS, Ricardo Neisse


13 thoughts on “Renault Magnum and Premium edit

  1. this version fails in the game.

  2. KingScania

    This brazil stuff, the antennas on the front and such, does it really HAVE to be in this mod? Cant u make this kinda optional? Maybe a new SCS file?
    And the equipable brakes are giving out errors, i dont know if mat or texture.

  3. Greetings to you Ricardo from Slovenia!
    I”ve tested your mod on the latest game version and for me it works perfect.Not a single line in gamelog data.
    In the future,if you will continue developing this mod,I would be very happy If you would add option for
    shortened 6X4 and 6X2 chasiss.
    Anyway,thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.
    With best regards zak4862

    1. RicardoNeisse

      shortened 6X4 and 6X2 chasiss. will be added in future versions

      1. renaultforever

        I thank you very very much, bro!

  4. UP TO DATE version !

    thank you for sharing, works perfect without errors

  5. trucker richy

    Have the Air horns been fixed on this, because they never worked on previous versions. Also the Beacons conflict with the low bed trailer beacon. Nice mod though

    Trucker Richy

  6. I crash, no other mod installed.

    00:01:07.903 : Rear wheel model instance 2 is missing for chassis ‘6x4e.renault.premium.chassis’, expect crash.
    00:01:07.904 : Rear wheel model instance 3 is missing for chassis ‘6x4e.renault.premium.chassis’, expect crash.

    1. Can you make a separate mod for Premium ? To not have the 2 truck in the same. Please.

      1. RicardoNeisse

        separate mod for premium added in future version

  7. speedy143

    I have been using the Magnum mod since you released it with no problems.
    But I am getting the same errors as jdwarfer with the premium:
    Rear wheel model instance 2 is missing for chassis ’6x4e.renault.premium.chassis’, expect crash.
    Rear wheel model instance 3 is missing for chassis ’6x4e.renault.premium.chassis’, expect crash.
    Even in my clean test profile ?
    Any body have any clue as to why ?

    1. speedy143

      Problem solved, I have sold all Renaults, and restarted the game several times and all is working no problem. Both the Magnum and Premium, fantastic. Cant wait for the shortened 6×2 premium chassis…..
      Great mod RicardoNeisse keep up the excellent work…

      1. RicardoNeisse

        each version will fixing problems.

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