Renault Magnum DTI13 EEV Formula Sounds

Renault Magnum DTI13 EEV Formula Sounds

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Renault Magnum DTI13 EEV Formula Sounds
It is for Renault Magnum, it contains Real Sound and Engine for DTI13 Euro 6.

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Author: John Necir Rebellion


7 Responses to Renault Magnum DTI13 EEV Formula Sounds

  1. aleksey says:

    Какoй ужасный звук!

    • JohnNecirRebellion says:

      Это оригинальный звук от Renault Формулы грузовик, так, пожалуйста, уважайте!

  2. Magnum says:

    I love this sound ! Good job mate.

  3. Shane says:

    Great sound, thank you so much!
    But you can’t hear the indicator/blinker when the truck is in motion because the engine sound is so loud. Can you update it so the blinker sound is louder?.

    • JohnNecirRebellion says:

      I would Make the mod for you, I will update the sound mod just stay tune for my future Post.

      • Shane says:

        Thank you so much JohnNecirRebellion, I really appreciate that.

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