Renault Magnum Edit Update


– Chassis: 6x2_4c, 6x4_2c, 6x4b, 6x4c, 6x4b extended, 6x4c extended
– Sideskirts
– Adr plate
– Tir plate
– Grill
– Mudflaps
– Engines and badges
– Interior accessories EU and UK
– Dice
– Passenger

– Rodoar as accessory

Authors: SCS, Ricardo Neisse


12 Responses to Renault Magnum Edit Update

  1. speedy143 says:

    Absolutely epic, love it. All it needs now is full paint on the grill and a template as the steps section does not line up with current one. Also is there a reason why the camera zooms out when viewing in the configuration window ?.
    Apart from that amazing, no errors and looks spot on. Thanks for this……..

    • RicardoNeisse says:

      thanks for the suggestions…

      • jdwarfer says:

        I agree about the paintable grill. Thanks for the removal the stuff on the rear tyres. 🙂

        Still can’t add any lamp on the sideskirt ramp or bar. Can you fix this ?

  2. slayer26 says:

    obrigado ..

  3. Theosz says:


  4. Fierro says:

    Fantastic job!

  5. denklon says:

    Thank you very much!

  6. mohammad says:

    Anoter link please

  7. hrtp says:

    Anoter link please :((((((

    please link mediafire !! please!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tribaltech says:

    the link works fine, what here your problems?

  9. cahir says:

    I don’t know why several mods including this one causes this:
    Can someone point me to the solution? It started to happen after latest patch.

  10. Robertcarrizal says:

    hi can you update for 1.18 new magnum edit??

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