Renault Magnum edit v 2.2

Renault Magnum edit (1) Renault Magnum edit (3) Renault Magnum edit (2)

– Small fixes in accessories
– New: radiator grill painted

Tested on:

Authors: SCS, Ricardo Neisse

DOWNLOAD 36 MB [Mediafire]

13 Responses to Renault Magnum edit v 2.2

  1. nmgsyp says:

    nice mod, but you need first buy a truck and then added mod. otherwise game crash.

    • RicardoNeisse says:

      if you already use my version only replace, but be sure to leave the truck without accessories to avoid bugs.

      note here worked perfectly with a new profile with no truck in the garage, do the test to see there is no conflict with other mods.

  2. john says:

    It would be nice to put colored mudguards (flares)
    , or a version that completely miss

    • syncmafiaa says:

      Not sure but. try getting 50k addon and there is a STIHOLT mud flap that changes colour but fot scania IDK if it will for renault,

    • RicardoNeisse says:

      I will add in future versions, this part needs two UV MAPS beyond the norm to work correctly with all paint-jobs.

  3. mahdiGT says:

    nice mod but stop working mod ?

    pleas fix the mod

  4. syncmafiaa says:

    I know how hard it is to make a high detailed mod. not talking about a mod that is not lagging on low end computers but.

    Next time can you please sort out the brakes and the blinkers.
    Why sort out??
    Both of the sound of brakes are from OMSI 2, from MAN double decker bus.
    2.The blinkers are from MAN DD202-45 Single Deck..

  5. fleming says:

    This mod is great , i tested 2.1 and i liked it, when this 2.2 appeared i try to use it but……. the renault dealer when click to visit will be $BRAND$ dealer ……hope you will fix this i really like this renault. Great Job.

    • RicardoNeisse says:

      It may be conflict with another mod that alters something in the Renault dealer

  6. Knox_xss says:

    Ricardo, I see that some of the parts were taken from my “Renault Magnum Updates” (including those that I created from scratch)… but you write in Readme that all parts are yours only. It’s not good, it do not grace to you.

    • RicardoNeisse says:

      apologize for the error, some parts of your mod really are not properly edited credits.

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