Renault Magnum Integral


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Photo-texturing, lightmask, interior, hood, tuning.

Sheryo, Maksim Ognevenko


8 thoughts on “Renault Magnum Integral

  1. what? tuning? it have 2 points at the mirror and wheels…

  2. Again, an old mod updated with annoying things.

    Why those customising details that no one wants? ##### skin, the flaps that you can’t remove, and so on. Why ? Can’t we have a standard truck with those thing as options ? Isn’t it possible?? There are a lot of Magnum mods but not a single one succeed. There is always something wrong about it.

  3. Renault Magnum Integral HD Video

  4. Window decal doesn´t disaper! Why a decal anyway… if the window goes down no decal needed!

  5. Cool, very realistic! Nice job

  6. Hey

    Versace nice trailer…please link trailer?

  7. Tobiasz Pietrzak

    Very nice trailer please link trailer.

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