Renault Magnum Integral


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Photo-texturing, lightmask, interior, hood, tuning.

Sheryo, Maksim Ognevenko


8 Responses to Renault Magnum Integral

  1. Majoox says:

    what? tuning? it have 2 points at the mirror and wheels…

  2. jdwarfer says:

    Again, an old mod updated with annoying things.

    Why those customising details that no one wants? Dirty skin, the flaps that you can’t remove, and so on. Why ? Can’t we have a standard truck with those thing as options ? Isn’t it possible?? There are a lot of Magnum mods but not a single one succeed. There is always something wrong about it.

  3. Alex40 says:

    Renault Magnum Integral HD Video

  4. SOSO says:

    Window decal doesn´t disaper! Why a decal anyway… if the window goes down no decal needed!

  5. BNLTRANS says:

    Cool, very realistic! Nice job

  6. galaxy says:


    Versace nice trailer…please link trailer?

  7. Tobiasz Pietrzak says:

    Very nice trailer please link trailer.

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