Renault Magnum Integral 390


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Truck + Interior
– Fully work done with light.
– Made the new mirror.
– Removed the wheel and shutter with external model.
– Removed the lounge curtains.
– Added kozerki.
– Slightly modified the interior.
– Added wheels
– Now shields on tanks removed.

HaXwell, rus47tam, AU44,Stas556,
Oleg_Conte, D9DbKO, Sheryo, Atego815

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24 thoughts on “Renault Magnum Integral 390

  1. Nice car. Thanks.

  2. enfin du beau camion renault !! merci

  3. kriechbaum

    Y a longtemps qu’il existe ce tracteur. Et l’intérieur n’est pas le bon, il a celui des tous premiers Magnums dommage.

    1. morganxmodz

      Kriechbaum on peut le changer l’interieur ou il est blocquer ?

    1. Mod fajny ale.. nawet po poprawce nie da się jeździć..
      2 screeny na dowód:
      Dzieje się tak na pełnym skręcie
      Kabina ciężarówki skacze wtedy na wszystkie strony…

  4. thanks alot haxwell

  5. slylecoco

    Lorsque je conduis, ma position (angle de vue) au volant est dans le rideau située derrière le siège !!

    Que faire svp ? MERCI !

    When i drive,

    my head is in the curtain (behind seat) !!

    What can i do ? THX !

    (Even that it seems to be a good mod)

    1. If you have other mod on Renault Magnum, unplug it

  6. roadrunner

    now even as this truck is ONLY LHD and would be the best truck mod for ETS2 if it did have RHD as well there is just one small problem other then NO RHD and that is there is a large hole in the roof of the truck when your in the cab! other then that nice work but add a RHD to the truck and it would then be the BEST ETS2 TRUCK OF ALL TIME!!!

      1. Author, correct hitch, at tumbling – a damage

  7. slylecoco

    Ok thx i’ll try it. Thx for the tip!

  8. j’adore !! apres un essai je l’adopte …je le garde …dommage que c’est un petit moteur …sinon …superbe …merci

    1. slylecoco

      Tu peux modifier sa puissance en passant le torque à 6000 par exemple. Il te suffit d’ouvrir le .scs avec 7z puis te balader dans les fichier (chercher engine)
      La puissance en cv n’est qu’indicative… 😉

  9. Nice mod but please fix the speedo and the tachometer! They really are the let down of this mod

  10. kriechbaum

    The interior for this one should be this :

    But it s a very beautiful truck, thanks haxwell and others for it.

    1. matty jones

      that was the model after the AE hes got the right interior as it is 🙂

      lovely mod btw 😛

      1. kriechbaum

        No, this truck mod is a MAGNUM INTEGRAL, so the interior in this version is wrong (i know these trucks i drove them in the past), so the interior picture i posted here is the good one that this truck should have.

        See you.

    2. Kriechbaum – do you think you can make a sound for the truck and kinda fix the speedo/tachometer? Maybe add more engines/gearboxes with real data 😛

      1. kriechbaum

        i would like, but i am not at home now, i am in vacancy. If i got time, i’ll do it.

        See u.

  11. haxwell, what line can change to bring the head in fron of curtain

  12. Kasabian15

    how to change these ugly green tips on speedo and rpm meter etc?

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