Renault Magnum Integral

Renault-Magnum-Integral-1 Renault-Magnum-Integral-2

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Renault Magnum Integral Truck with two types of interiors. Tunable exterior

Authors: trucker2121, D9DbKO, Sheryo, Atego815


9 thoughts on “Renault Magnum Integral

  1. Standalone?

  2. i love the mod especially since its a old wagin from my days but can ya change it so it doesn’t replace all the renault magnums in the game plz 🙂

  3. Eighty-VI

    This mod is a mess, has many errors.
    First, the instrument panel is very small, for more you play at a resolution of 1080p, it is very small and does not distinguish anything.
    Another very bad mistake, is that the wipers, do not remove the rain water that remains in the front window.

  4. Very bad modes!!!!!!!!

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