Renault Magnum & Magnum Legend Mat Edition v 6.1

Renault-Magnum-&-Magnum-Legend-Mat-Edition-v-6.1-1 Renault-Magnum-&-Magnum-Legend-Mat-Edition-v-6.1-2

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– Lots of minor changes to the model and its Magnum cabin
– Modify and extend the animation cabin (steering wheel 900 degrees, retarder, engine brake, battery, air, water, urea, Ext. Lighting, sloth)
– The display of two degrees of damage: “WARNING” and “STOP”
– Added chassis “T6x2 PUSHER 4420” with the lifting axle (only for white Legends)
– Recalculate weight distribution for all types of chassis
– Locator (balance chamber) is shifted to the center of the cockpit cabin
– Changed the on-board computer
– Salons added option “+ TV Tuner” (to work an LCD panel)
– Added the interior light (included as a flashing light)
– Added a new navigator (can be positioned on the left – gps, or right – cogps)
– Added deflectors for side windows
– Added pennants on the windshield
– Added an LCD panel in the cabin (without TV tuner is not working)
– Take a step through the cabin camera
– Frontal and side windows are now slightly reflect the environment
– Updated the colors glow lamps
– Changed the headlights
– Changed glow taillights (texture and lamps)
– Added the front wheels “Magnum Special” and “Elite Rider (Legend)”
– In traffic now travels the basic model Magnum (same as a player)
– Changed the color of Legend Mat Edition
– The weight of other changes in the model of the truck and accessories

Authors: SCS, Knox_xss, Косяк_Марихуанович, dmitry68, oq37, kuba141


8 thoughts on “Renault Magnum & Magnum Legend Mat Edition v 6.1

  1. RoadTrucker

    This is the best mod ever made! Works perfect! Thanks!!!

  2. très très bon mod je le recommande petit bémol sur la tv c’est du foot pour ceux qui n’aime pas le foot c’est pas top faudrait mettre quelque chose d’autre pour que tout le monde aime

  3. This MAY BE the best mod ever made! Cannot extract! Corrupt files!

    1. Now all I get from download is SuSi.scs

  4. But why not add a 6×2 taglift aswel, why only the pusher?

  5. RoadTrucker

    Please make the same thing witch MAN trucks! I don’t finde a good mod for MAN!

  6. How to turn on TV?

  7. Meilleur mod jamais concu jadore

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