Renault Magnum Milka Skin ALPHA 0.0.1


Milka Skin for Renault Magnum Truck
Tested on 1.19

Do not re-upload!

Author: Maximka.P


9 Responses to Renault Magnum Milka Skin ALPHA 0.0.1

  1. Maximka.L says:

    This is alpha version (0.0.1)

    • Nico says:

      Alpha 0.0.1 version for a skin?! lols
      So when it’s done, next year?

      • zoso says:

        Ciao Nico, you’ve solved the problem with the trailer nickoot ??

        • Nico says:

          No, I have that problem with all trailers made with ETS2 Studio. Maybe it’s my profile, don’t really know..,.
          I usually test mods one at a time so it’s weird..

          • zoso says:

            Ciao Nico, I’m so sorry for your problem.
            I had problems with pack jazzycat is I solved by turning off all the mods, and I found the mod that was in conflict.
            I hope you can solve as soon as possible.
            I’m sorry for the incorrect English

      • Maximka.L says:


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