Renault Magnum New Dashboard Indicators


Renault Magnum New Dashboard Indicators: retarder, lift axle, aux lamps

Added the following indicators if they are not implemented by SCS or someone yet:
– Retarder
– No need to introduce
– Lifted axle
– This indicator shows if the liftable axle is lifted
– Should working with mods too which has chassis liftable axle and uses original dashbaord
– Aux lamp switched on
– Indicator for aux lamps in use. Works with front grill and top grill positions

Updated the original Magnum Dashboard by SCS and made the MTP Magnum Dashboard too. Only EU version.

Author: davidzoli

DOWNLOAD 4 MB [Sharemods]

4 thoughts on “Renault Magnum New Dashboard Indicators

  1. Possible to do this with the Scania? And the scania T-series mod if its possible?

    1. Yeah it is wait.

  2. Very nice mod. Can you make it for MAN? Thanks

  3. Hi guys!
    Nice mod!
    but I have a bug inside the magnum mtp gps is not functional !
    Accessor laptop is no longer in the same location
    a solution

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