Renault Magnum Update v22.3.3

This is a complete redesign of the standard Renault Magnum. There are many chassis and tuning options. Support for the Signs On Your Truck mod.

Version 22.3.3 Fix for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.47.x, – 1.49.x):
– Fixed missing texture for American trailer cables.

All previous versions of this mod, as well as all fixes to them, should be deleted! Place the magnum_updates_v22.3.3.scs file in the mod folder. The fix for SSL MegaPack support is magnum_updates_v22.2_smp33addon.scs.

The Scandinavian version of the Coolliner has been added. Now all tandem trailers, including the Scandinavian Coolliner, are tied to the default cargo!
– Model and texture edits
– Bugfixes and edits
– Added support for cables
– BDF trailers are now available for purchase



One thought on “Renault Magnum Update v22.3.3

  1. The problem is: Truck is not shown in the garage and causes game crash.

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