Renault Magnum Updates v 13.20

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Game Version:

Version 13.20:
– Adaptation to the new versions of the game problematic parts truck
– Lots of minor changes on the model and the cabin
– Fixed animation and enhanced cabin
– Wiper lever is now moving in the right direction and has 4 positions
– Fixed location of stoplights
– Added new flashing beacons and signs and signs on the front grille
– Added option windscreen with green tinted top
– Added a few options chocks
– Added an option increase of $ navigator
– Removed Navigator “TomTom” by Matthias
– Converted weight distribution of the axes for all Chassis
– Expanded range of gear ratios for some rear axle transmissions
– The trip computer page added “ETA:”, showing the mileage to the point of arrival
– In the long wheelbase chassis rear can now mount a spare wheel or a tool box, left and right
– Booths and trailers BDF are three types: Coolliner, Profiliner and Universal, each with skins
– For the BDF added their own loads, which are added after the title “(BDF)”
– Loads for complete coupling (box + trailer) – light and bulky, and have a preview trailer
– Loads exclusively for booth preview of the trailer does not have a
– The list of the types of goods added icon for trucks BDF

Author: Knox_xss

DOWNLOAD 154 MB [Sendspace]
DOWNLOAD 154 MB [Sharemods]

69 thoughts on “Renault Magnum Updates v 13.20

  1. Renault Magnum Updates v 13.20 Video

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    HD Test Version on v1.18.1.3….


  4. EneaMaconi


    1. da dove scrivi

  5. Excellent work! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Great job Knox_xss
    but to make real the skin coolerbox must edit the sides separated
    Thanks. ciao

  7. Thank you very much for the update =) Now i can use my Magnum again =)

  8. Oh my god !! yes, yes, yeeees !!!!!!

  9. part 2 corrupted. Help please

    1. not corrupted, file locked

  10. I cannot say how happy I am to see this entry! 😀

    Finally… it’s been so long without using the Magnum, that I can’t remember exactly why I stopped. Probably crashes, who knows.

    Back to enjoy that lovely sound, and truck.

  11. Robertcarrizal

    why was no trailer hitch 6×4 long wheelbase 😛

    1. to unpack and plug BDF.
      loads will not appear until you sleep on.

    2. Because this type of cargo is intended only for BDF box attached to the chassis.

  12. Thanks so much. And that TV tho. Thats just awesome. I love this mod!!!

  13. thank you admin mod

  14. Why does it appear?

    1. model/animation error

      1. Do you know how I can fix it?

        1. Can you replace “RADIO” for “USB” in the display? Thanks.

    2. Because conflict with other Magnum mods, or traffic mods, or otherwise mods… In my Magnum everything is okay… Otherwise I would not be so dishonored. Try to clean up your mods. 😉

      1. I’ll do it, thanks ^.^

  15. Hi, very nice mod! I love it.
    But how can i put a new video on the tv? I did that, but when i turn on the tv, the screnn is green and the fps will be at 1.
    Can you help me?

  16. That’s wonderful work.I had this mod before 1.17 but kind of sad when 1.17’s come out because I couldn’t play.But, I still have some little constructive critism or request for the future update.

    1.I think there was a 4×2 BDF chassis but in this version it’s gone.Can you bring it back?Of course I’m mistaken because there was also another Magnum update mod.

    2.It’s for the 6×2 chassis in the vid.The author, can u please move the fifth wheel a bit further because the gap between cab and trailer is so huge and in reality the newer trucks with 6×2/4 chassises don’t have that huuuuuuge gap.

    But overall it’s one of the best mods for Renault Magnum 🙂

    1. About 4×2 BDF – it planned in the future. 😉

      About chassis “P6x2/4 5370” – no, I will not move the fifth wheel, because in reality this type of Magnum’s chassis have this huuuge gap. I did all types of chassis (wheels and fifthwheel positions) based on the blueprints from Renault Trucks.

      1. I hope the next version will have the handbrake~~Look forward to your work!Thank you for giving~~

  17. WOW! what a mod! is this available for the Premium as well??

  18. This mod is beautifull, but i can’t turn on the cablight (red or white). How can i fix it?

  19. knox_xss, there is something wrong with the chassis 4 x 2 – no matter which version I chose, the chassis is always lowered on the front wheels…In menu or workshop everything looks fine, but in game it’s always lowered…How can i fix this? I just do not want lowered 4 x 2 chassis…

    1. Little update knox_xss – the front cabin always gets lowered when I connect the trailer…So is this removable? I just don’t want it lowered…

  20. File type is Z7
    Why not scs?

  21. Type File is 7Z
    Why not scs?

  22. Issue solved 🙂

  23. Le_Citaro

    My game crash… :'(

  24. Great Job! Just want to know: what kind if model exactly is it and from which year ? Some know ? Thanks 🙂

  25. Knox_xss can you update the Magnum Legend Mat edition too ? Thx 😉

  26. Thanks a lot, I will try it. One question : what shall I do with the two files in the BDF Folder?

  27. Bender0187

    the mod doesn’t work correctly with the new update 1.19
    he dont have interior with exterior view

    1. Of course. Because this mod was built for v1.18.
      When non-steam v1.19 will be release, I will update Magnum too.

  28. i have NO other renault mods, i dont use traffic mods and yet the gear shifter collum is it STILL floating in the air. the dashboard doesnt work properly, dashboard lights are lit whether the engine is on or off. im sure you know the issues, and im sure you’ll know how to fix. i might as well try to do my own interior file for the mod and repair myself since your a great modder but you lack respect, players find minor problems with your magnum and you blame other mods that wont affect yours. your just suggesting that other mods are the problem when it ‘could’ be your own.

    1. If the problem would be in my Magnum, then ABSOLUTELY ALL people have these problems too. But no, a lot of people play absolutely without any problems with Magnum. Look at the videos at the top of this page – there is NO problems nor with dashboard, nor with gear shifting!

      Before you accuse me of something, learn to think a head, and do not be lazy to look for conflicts in ALL your mods!

      Any of your mods that contains these folders…
      … might be the cause of the animation bug.

      It does not necessarily have to be Renault mod. A lot of modders for unknown reasons shoved into their mods definitions for ALL trucks (include Magnum), or even models/animations of Magnum. It can be mods for other trucks, physics, weather, maps, etc.

      If you leave in your mod folder just three files…
      … then you make sure that everything works perfectly.

      But if you start adding to your mod folder other your mods and found that Magnum began to work incorrectly, then, of course, the conflict cause these mods.

      I repeat once again, I’m not at an age to hastily spread unfinished mods!

  29. Awesome mod. Been using it for quite a while now. Is it possible to make it for the other Renault in the game or you just planed it for the Magnum?

    1. Very good mod however in version 1.19 if this mode is enabled all trucks in the world and on the road AI became RENAULT MAGNUM . When i disable this mode then I have normal variety of different trucks on the road . Maybe a minor fix is needed .

      1. Good eye! I thought I was the only one but I too only see Renaults in the traffic. Not a big deal but I believe Knox said that when the full version of 1.19 comes out, he will make it compatiable. Lets hope we will decide to make the Premium as well or some other brand. I really want something for the Iveco’s..cause no one is doing big overhauls on them and its sad

        1. Thanks kamata93 , now It is confirmed I’m not the only one this mode and I hope that a fix will be issued soon .

  30. Guys, here is small hotfix of “Magnum Updates v13.20” for ETS2 v1.19:
    Just put these files into your \mod\ folder. 😉

    Full version is “under construction…” 🙂

    1. Thanks Knox for the fast patch and new version in development that mode !

    2. Thanks Knox for the fast patch and new version in development 🙂

    3. Can you replace “RADIO” for “USB” in the display? Thanks!

      1. What?

  31. Hi Knox_xss I would like to know how you can replace a video recording in the TV thanks in advance

    1. You can make your own video (OGV, 256×128 /no more/) and put it into video\football.ogv.

  32. Bender0187

    the grille is paintable with the mod, it’s possible, can you do the same for Scania R and Streamline? I don’t want the RLJ mod, it’s a standalone truck

    1. No, sorry. I work only with Renault Magnum, my Magnum (not other and not default).

      1. Hello Knox_xss once again congratulations for your work it’s just amazing! But can i ask you something?! Can you please make a 8×4/2 chassi for Magnum? Like this one as inspiration

        Thanks and continue with the good work

        1. Thanks for the kind words)
          Not now. But someday, I promise, I will do it.

          1. Cool =) Thanks! I find your mod for Renault Magnum Legend is this mod compatible with this updates and 1.19 version? Thanks

          2. No, Legends are too old. There is no reason to sync update all Magnums: normal + Legend + Legend Mat. In the next version of “Renault Magnum Updates” (currently it is 14.07) there will be skins (matted skins of course) for “Legend” and “Legend Mat Edition”. And you can buy both “Legend” or “Legend Mat Edition” in truck dealer (like “Route 66”).

          3. Well i try the Legend mod this mornig and works perfectly i din’t try the 6×4 chassi, that problably crashes but besides that everything works perfectly good work again =) Thanks. For the next version of Magnum Update please include the Legend interior like the one in Legend mod. Thanks and good work!

  33. Knox_xss great job ! I am looking forward to the next update. I have two ideas for your mod. The first is lowdeck chassis. It’s nice if there was a choice of lowdeck chassis. The second is the addition of DRL lights. I do not know if it’s possible , but it would be a great novelty . I do not force anything , it’s just my ideas . Good luck in work 🙂

  34. It will be an update to version 1.20? Thanks …

  35. heavenlcs

    Request update to version 1.20…very grateful…

  36. heavenlcs

    The next version of the AI truck is no longer just a car, although the car is great, but it is not a Renault Truck simulation HH

  37. Hi, I have got two problems. First problem is that on version 1.20.X my Magnum has got red wiper … and second problem is that on all roads driving only Renault Magnum and that is terrible ‘cos i don’t see other trucks then Renault Magnum … What should I do ?

    1. same problem about the red wipers on 1.20 ets2 version …

      1. Carlos-pt

        Hi Knoxx have yu news about update for 1.20 version of the game cause the bug i found is got red wiper.

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