Renault Magnum Updates v 15.03

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Changes in current version
* Adaptation for v1.24
* Optimization of AI Magnums
* Unlocking all accessories and parts (unlock is zero everywhere)
* For engines there are specified torque curve according to specs
* By default are installed sounds of 5a version (in the Sounds folder there are all my versions of sounds)
* Added two variants of rear license plates: “MAGNUM” и “LEGEND”
* Bugfixes and corrections
* Before using this version of mod it is strongly recommended to change interior look to “Privilege” or “Route 66”!
* Before using this version of mod it is strongly recommended to detach all cargo boxes from all long chassis!

Put two files…
…in your mod folder. One without the other will not work.

For tandems
Put the file…
… from “BDF” folder in your mod folder.

For American Truck Simulator
Except aforecited two files you must put the file “magnum.scs” from “For American Truck Simulator” folder into your mod folder. This file must have lower priority than based mod files.

Helpful information
* If after beacon name there is a “Low beam” sign, then this beacon turned on with low beam
* If a file from defcameraunits_down folder move to defcameraunits, then actor camera will not walk up but will walk down on the seat
* For connoisseurs of realism was added 1800 degree steering wheel in interior animation. You can uncomment it in files defvehicletruckrenault.magnuminterioranimations*.sui

Author: Alex (Knox_xss)


18 thoughts on “Renault Magnum Updates v 15.03

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    HD Test Video on my youtube Channel Mr.GermanTruck

    1. zeldaplayer20

      have you a world of truck account?

  2. please add long shelf

  3. Game crash when selecting. Version 1.24

    1. Schenker-Driver

      For me it´s the same. Empty Modfolder, only my Maps and the Renault + BDF-Pack from FlemmingV.
      1.) Normal loading, Tandem-Chassis = Crash
      2.) Leaving all Magnum from BDF-Pack = Crash

      And without FlemmingV Pack you have no Tandemtrailers.
      I don´t have and like Steam 🙁

  4. I think u have a mod conflict. Check your game log or the console.

    This mod works fine for me with latest ETS2 version (steam version). Thank you Alex, my magnum is come back!

  5. Works great. Thank you!

  6. Video test 1.24

  7. How to change motor”s sound?

  8. TodoMundoLocko

    ###! Amazing interiors, ty man! Keep with this project

  9. Absolutely stunning interiors! Great job!

  10. PRN_FR ETS-Modding

    Thanks really !

  11. Played yesterday with 1.25 beta worked fine!

    Thank you for the nice Mod! You spend much love to this Mod!
    LCD TV is funny! If I select on my Truck displayscreen TV then I can watch Soccer 🙂

    Regarding Tandem Trailers & Skins can anybody recommend some additional Mods that works fine with the Tandem Magnum?

  12. Pleas convert 1.25.x patch update !!!!! Thanks 🙂

  13. Hi. It has one version to 1.25 or fix?

  14. Crazy_Rider

    А как включить свет в салоне?

  15. Crazy_Rider

    Как включить свет в кабине?

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