Renault Magnum Updates v14.36


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Changes in current version:

– A huge number of edits of Magnum exterior, interior, animation, accessories
– Added a lot of chic interiors (personal thanks to Vyacheslav_A)
– Ext_interior now is like Int_interior including all looks
– Increased kerb_weight for all chassis
– Added variant of 4×2 chassis with more higher front axle
– In Renault truckdealers appeared Magnum Legend, Magnum Legend Mat Edition and Magnum BDF
– Renault Magnum Legend appeared in agency jobs
– Support of DLC “Cabin Accessories”
– Added new slots for “Cabin Accessories”
– All paintable parts made in matte variants
– Some paintable parts made in black matte variants
– Added skin “Duda Transport & Logistic”
– Bottom part of cabin (apron) made as accessory
– Changed the reflections for side and front glasses of interior
– Added new variant of side glasses deflectors
– Added TV variants of big and transparent GPS
– Added a clock to interior in two variants: as digital clock and as clock on mobile
– Added two variants of front license plates: “MAGNUM” и “LEGEND”
– Reworked Magnums in traffic (in France there are more Magnums, in UK there are Magnums with “T6x2” chassis)
– Changed the font for gear number
– For manual gearboxes of “ZF” series the gear numbers displayed as halfs – lower and higher
– Updated UI icons for Magnum
– Steering wheel of exterior model made more darker (Attention!
-Steering wheel in the game is one for all trucks!)

Knox_xss, SCS Software, Simon (50keda), Dmitry (dmitry68), Vyacheslav_A, Oleg (oq37), Denis (DANZ), Sergey (Supric), Flemming (Flemming V), David (Davidzoli), Enrique (SheryO), kuba141


35 thoughts on “Renault Magnum Updates v14.36

  1. Mr.GermanTruck
  2. Original link download:

    GOBA STOP!!!!!

    1. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow

      73 KB/s ?

      more than one hour to finish the download?

      really? I tried three times in two days and same Terrible SendSpace!

  3. Why do you provide wrong download links? ONLY THE ORIGINAL LINK !!

    Moron who wants to earn some bucks from other peoples work…

    1. Author says nothing about “original link” so you are the moron.

  4. EneaMaconi

    Thanks Knox_xss,, I love your mods! 😀
    Can you make a mod similar to it but for a Magnum Integral?

  5. drivability is horrible, hideous headlight settings, … aso

  6. Another download link:
    Authors says nothing on SCS forum about an original link

  7. jeyjey-16

    Amazing, thnaks!

  8. Great update! Thanks!

  9. pl_tv_software

    Detailed video review – Truck & Tandem

    Tandem review 11:04

    Tested on 1.21s

    1. @ mika5905

      Oui,j’ai pas encore essayé celui-ci mais sur les autres camions pourvus de Télé c’est toujours le même systeme,a peu pres:
      tu “cycles” les différends affichages de tableau de bord avec [ i ] jusqu’a ce que tu vois “TV TUNER” (apres “Level O.K “et “NO WARNING SIGNAL”..)

      Là,il faut parfois attendre quelques secondes et tu devrais entendre une musique (genre “planant”…)
      Alors il faut basculer l’affichage du GPS de bord sur “TV” avec la touche [ W ] ou [ O ] (gyrophare),ça dépends des camions.
      Y’a des variantes,fais des essais…

      Sur les autres camions c’est toujours la même vidéo,il doit y avoir moyen d’inserer ses propres vidéos,peut être des “web tv ” mais j’ai pas approfondis le sujet …
      Bonne route

  10. bonjour comment on allume la television sinon tres bon mod

    1. mickvision

      salut sur i pour info tableau de bord jusq’à que tu vois television

  11. downloaded this last night, very impressed! thank you for the update and keep the good work. could I suggest a better indicator sound though please?

  12. ok merci de vos reponse je vais essayer bonne route a vous 🙂

  13. est ce que on peut changer la tv ( enlever le football pour mettre chose )

  14. Clocks do not ignite. Please help

  15. Someone know where I can find Duda Trailer for 1.21 version ?
    Thanks 🙂

  16. Bender0187

    My skin with this mod is very nice! Good work!!!

  17. Кнокс лучший! Особенно доставил выбор интерьеров,просто глаза разбегаются.Да вообще весь мод шикарен

  18. Guys, my Magnum now lives in SCS Software forum also:

    Here you can find alternative download links, updates and bugfixes.

    1. hello knox, I unloaded his mod and I congratulate it on this grand work, I am a fanatic of renault, estoi hoping that some moder should extract mod renault premium as his ¡ with chassis 8×4 side tails and extra tank for long trips with modifications of lights, cordial greetings

  19. Is anyone having trouble with some trailers not showing up when this mod is installed? I am missing some standard scs trailers as well as some of the tandems. I have parts 1 and 2 active as well as the bdf mod plus the fixes. No other mods are active. Thanks. Other than that, super awesome mod!

    1. 1) This mod doesn’t affect to any (default or not default) trailers.
      2) “BDF Add-on” for this mod have absolutely own trailers:
      This add-on also doesn’t affect to any trailers.
      3) Tandem cargoes (in BDF Add-on) represented by two types:
      – with trailer (cargo for [chassis cargo box + trailer])
      – without trailer (cargo only for [chassis cargo box])
      4) For all:
      if you have any trouble, give me a full log file please.

      1. Hi Knox, sorry for the late response. I haven’t played much lately, but I just checked out the cargo comments in the scs forum and saw the invisible cargo screenshots like I told you about. I see what you mean now on how to use those cargos with your mod. In that case, everything is fine. Thank you for your response and once again for a great mod.

  20. merci pour cette grande mise a jours bravo

  21. heavenlcs

    I know this is the original production team did not make the handbrake lazy part, hope in the next edition of the car with the handbrake. Thank you~~

  22. Using the mod Tandem not appear loads for me.

  23. Haweky Trucker

    Video of Renault Magnum Updates v14.36 HD 1080p:

  24. One sugestion for next update, create slots in front grill to put led lights 🙂

  25. Great mod ,thank you.

  26. Bender0187

    Please update for 1.23, i love this mod

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