RENAULT MAGNUM UPDATES V22.02 [1.40 – 1.41]

Changes v22.02:
* fixed the 3rd UV channel for some paintjobs

Changes 22.01:
* added windows animation (thanks to Ilya il_86)
* minor fixes

Changes v22.0:
* adaptation to version 1.40
* added backlight to dashboard, navigators, phones
* added improved versions of the cellphone and cellphone with GPS, on the dashboard and on the windshield
* added extended version of the slots on the dashboard (more slots across the cabin)
* added an extended sunshield with slots
* added slot for accessories at the bottom of the windshield
* added tray for license plates
* shutters now in two versions – opened and closed
* updated Magnums in companies and in truck dealer

Author by: Knox_xss
Hard_Chebur – interior decoration
dmitry68 – dashboard animation
Flemming V – basic models of booths and trailers for BDF
DANZ – flashing beacons, signs and signs
oq37 – pennants
kuba141 – on-board computer
50keda – the basic model of the navigator
SCS Software – The Magnum Base Model


4 thoughts on “RENAULT MAGNUM UPDATES V22.02 [1.40 – 1.41]

  1. Absolute class mate. Well done and thank you

  2. if you bring out new update version please make this so no need fix mod anymore its included new verison

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