Renault Magnum Updates V7.09


* Replaced fuel tanks
* Changed the lateral dimensions (skirt type C)
* On the door added keyholes
* Front rail with the inscription “RENAULT” equipped with fixtures
* Altered headlights
* Front grille, which is the logo, darkened and became glossy
* Behind the cab, chassis mounted light (activated when reverse gear)

* Added option the default visor with three orange lights trains
* Added a skin “RENAULT MAGNUM”

Matthias, Knox_xss


5 thoughts on “Renault Magnum Updates V7.09

  1. AWESOME TRUCK THANK YOU! you can see MOD here :

  2. blauwe the cross plz mangum

  3. Credits must be:
    Knox_xss – this mod
    Matthias – GPS Navigator only

  4. Front orange ligts under blinker are not working, other two, in rear of cab and on sideskirt is ok. Beautiful truck 🙂

  5. Hello Matthias and Knox_xss.

    This edited truck is perfect, fixing the actual dimensions and accessories in peak and excellent, Congratulations.
    Look man just missing include 6×4 and 6×2 chassis, I know that the choices are at the Renault Magnum 4×2 truck, and is my favorite. My friend ask attention for this effort, includes will, which is very cool, I recommend!
    See you soon, thanks.


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