Renault Major 1990-1996 v 1.1


Modification will be developed and will be corrected any errors

Authors: Antique, Paffalek, KarolDriver, Truckmaniak, Kru129, Robertas14


20 Responses to Renault Major 1990-1996 v 1.1

  1. Antique says:

    Please use original description…

    Authors of model 3D: Paffalek, KarolDriver, Truckmaniak
    Conversion, edition, definition: Antique
    Used soungs by Kru129

  2. Salatick says:

    very good mod whether the continuation of its modifications

  3. Benzyy says:

    mod preview:


  4. Volvodriver says:

    awesome i love the michelin doll on the grill, and grill lights also love the sun visor! Already have the Major brings up good memory’s. đŸ˜› Would love the tags which indicates the horsepowers on both doors.:P maybe a old Renault v8 to thanks for thisrom mod! Love to see this project evolve. Greetings from Holland

  5. rush_man says:

    Great Great Great !!! Continue your great work man !! Keep pushing , it’s really a wonderfull job !! Congratulations !
    But please put a template too đŸ˜‰

  6. MaxSenz says:

    Where is this truck to buy ???
    I CANT FIND HIM IN ANY DEALER :((( (online,by Renault not even in showroom…)

    • steve says:

      hi max. i found the truck in the paris main dealer for renault, maybe you have a conflict with another mod in your game…

  7. Ianwigan says:

    I might be wrong max but if you open the scs file with winrar and locate a folder in there usally called dealer it will have a file inside saying man volvo scania iveco etc which ever name is in that folder thats the dealer who supply it. Although at this time havent downloaded this truck yet so might be wrong

  8. Ianwigan says:

    Agree with you volvo driver nice to see some of the old trucks coming up i used drive scania 142 and the merc 1644 powerliner love see the pwer liner in white with the red stripes and black sun visor i remeber when they first came out we had the powerliner on demo painted in white with red stripes etc got some good looks etc and i think though i maybe mistook as its in 80s there were only 4 demo models in uk we had one on demo and then bought it good memorys so was the 142 before the days of the speed limiter

  9. ComandoreOne says:

    Hello dear fellow truckers, and the person that placed this mod and made this mod, i saw on that wheels my Tire Textures! Please contact me at scs software in pm.

    I taked the picture of that actual tire texture by my self.

    Best Regards ComandoreOne.

  10. deeck says:

    exellent belle réalisation , surtout que je l ai eu en conduite réel cela me rappel de merveilleux souvenir pas encore essayer mais grand merci au concepteur

  11. Dave says:

    I totally like this truck. Thank you so much! I especially like the Michelin figure as well.

    This reminds me of my summer holidays back in the days going to Spain by car, passing through France.

    I’d love to see more trucks from the 80s, e.g.:
    Pegaso (Europa, Comet, Tecno, Cabezon)
    Barreiros 8235 (Spanish)
    Mercedes Benz NG 73, L-series like L-1318
    MAN F7, F8, F9
    Fiat 619, 690 etc

  12. Dave says:

    Forgot to say: I also really like the sound. This blubbering diesel sound is just wonderful!

  13. Oussama says:

    In Which Version It is Available

  14. Darsh71 says:

    hi. Can we have template for skins please ?

  15. Darsh71 says:

    Hello, please , can we have the templates for make skins ?

  16. LEL says:

    Looks the best in pink đŸ˜€

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