Renault Major

renault-major-2 renault-major-1

YouTube preview

– Tested 1.24-1.26
– His salon
– Their sounds
– Small tunning
– Metalic painted
– Support for Cabin DLC

Danil Shamshura, Fenix


7 thoughts on “Renault Major

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  2. HD Test 1.26

  3. Vojtaz125

    Truck is beautiful but you can change sounds cuz they’re not good. Sorry for my english. Bye 🙂

  4. Hello, need a new version with possibility to make skins by ourself ans the power with good motor on the door (340,370; 390, 385, 420). And need set driver plates. thank you 🙂

  5. Hello, I could have the model of the major renault please

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