Renault Major 420Ti v 3.0 [1.30.x]

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– For new version: 1.28.x – 1.30.xx
– Fixes bugs errors.
– Log clean 100%.
– Real sound for Renault Major.
– 1 standard cabin.
– 1 standard chassis 4×2.
– 3 standard engines.
– 8 standard transmissions.
– Added desktop and company.
– Your standard painting.
– Updated in Dealer Renault.

– Test on version: [ETS2]
– Test on version: [ETS2]

Author: Danil Shamshura, Fenix, VladmirWx.


16 thoughts on “Renault Major 420Ti v 3.0 [1.30.x]

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.30…

  2. Sarkissian

    Company truck does not work.
    There is an error in the company file, there need to be 1 more closing bracket at the end.

    1. Danil Shamshura

      You might have outdated mods that’d conflicting with the major mod. As the description says, this mod is 100% error-free, I tested it myself and it works perfect.

      1. Sarkissian

        lol, no, there is an error in your company truck file! I know how to create these files, it needs 2 closing brackets at the end, and this one only has 1, so the company file does NOT work, it has an unexpected end of file error!!
        Has NOTHING to do whatsoever with other mods, it is the renault_major.sii file inside the mod archive that has the error!

      2. Sarkissian

        Check your things before you release them as 100% error free when they are clearly NOT!

        1. Denis1985

          Всё правильно, при последующем исправлении всё работает. Ставьте 2 скобки в конце в файле компаний и галереи

          1. Denis1985

            listen to Sarkissian. It needs 2 closing brackets at the end in truck_company and truck_desktop file

          2. Sarkissian

            Yeah, I almost forgot about the desktop truck file, that has the same error, it also needs 2 closing brackets, it has only 1 in this mod and also causes an unexpected end of file error!

          3. Seems Sarkissian has a point. Danil obviously doesn’t know to make proper mods without flooding it with errors. Sarkissian, if you can, you’re free to fix the mod file and reupload it as to show how truck mods are done.

  3. Very good work! Thanks

    1. Nice sarcasm.

  4. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here 😀

  5. _-cugar07-_

    game crash when i put mod in ..
    Fix it please m8!

  6. Please make the chassis 6×2/6×4

  7. Roadmaster93

    Somehow this truck’s cabin rolls around when you drive.
    Yes I’m serious. The cab just orbits around the front axle while driving, bugs thru the chassis and thru the ground. Any known incompatibilities?
    Also more tuning would be good

  8. Truck well modeled, by significant error.
    Nothing visible compared to the old version.
    Video presentation here:
    And here the video of the old version that still worked under

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