Renault Master Furgon L2H2

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It is a Renault Master L2H2 the ECJ 2. Has interior. You can buy it in the living room Renault. It has its own sound, and physics. A choice of two chassis: one for normal driving and second to drive and trailors. As an option is a mod for the camera 360 degrees in the interior. It must retrieve the car. Physics is in a separate fashion and should be turned on only for riding master, because it changes the physics of driving a truck.

Renault Master Furgon L2H2 with Interior
Fix for 1.20.1

I allow to share this mod to other forums, provided the original description, link to the download and show all authors. You can’t edit this mod and share it. Please report me to share modification on other forums. Follow the rules. Only that, next version of this mod will be released.

Authors: elektryk572, mwl4, wojtekroj, kuba10105, ekualizer


14 Responses to Renault Master Furgon L2H2

  1. Ficfic says:

    Thank you!

  2. Rene says:


  3. miecio says:

    is it possible to take a normal job with this truck?

  4. Charlibidou says:

    Lot of crap again, as always on this site these days, we had fun before but now there’re just kids who are like “I know how to mod” and now there’s just crap on the site

  5. Adrian says:

    Excellent car from Renault, the speedometer on the computer display needs to be synced with the speedometer on the dashboard, otherwise nice job.

    Minor bugs, but better handling still.

    Thank you for the 1.20.1 compatible version.

  6. Lars says:

    Nice car, please make an updated version of this. I like this one already :D. Make a trailer for it plz.

  7. Nelson says:


  8. Adrian Gabriel says:

    The mod needs some work with the lighting inside the cabin, and like the previous comment said, the speedometer needs tweeking. Also the engine sound its just awful. Looking forward for updates. Thank you !

  9. Piotr says:

    Czy można prosić o czysty szablon na karoserię do masterki?

  10. fikuz says:

    Works great on 1.19.2.x but I want trailer for this car 🙂

  11. ASD says:

    Well this must be the best van mod til this day overall.
    Still there is some minor bugs:
    – speedo meter (as mentioned earlier) actually it usually lies 5-10 kmh too much, but 15 kmh/h like now is too much! 😉
    – Rearview mirror for windowed version (don’t know is it even possible to be made, but still..)
    – Second gear ratio is too short imo.
    – and finally sounds. I still say it’s not that bad, but when you go over 3000rpm it sounds pretty ugly.

    PS: interior needs some tweaking also, and if possible add light to rear registration plate? Still damn good job guys! 🙂

  12. Racist_Panda says:

    i try if it works in 1.26.1 🙂

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