Renault Master Van by kuba10105 fixed ETS2 1.34

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This is Renault Master Van by kuba10105 fixed by me.
This is now fixed for new rain system and only updates the mod to game version 1.34.
This mod does not belong to me, I just fixed it.
Credit goes to respective authors.
If you like my work you can donate me

, mwl4, wojtekroj, elektryk572, Stardust8, Scorp, BlackHawk67, LynxKris (Lynx’s Modding)


20 thoughts on “Renault Master Van by kuba10105 fixed ETS2 1.34

  1. Renault Master Van download link?

    1. what?
      link is provided mate

  2. dear please fix Mercedes sprinter 2009

    1. I will try dear

      1. thanks good luck

  3. volkswagen crafter ve transporter yaparsanız çok güzel olur 🙂

    1. I will try

  4. Make Renault laguna 2 please

  5. you make a skin too this

  6. as mod 🙂

  7. lumelabidas

    whole car is black and then the game crashes
    i have V1.34

  8. stnadart interior dont wrok

  9. GermanMods

    Mod doesnt work for me. Crashes even if all my other mods are disabled.

    1. lumelabidas

      same here

  10. First renault master II F1

  11. kuba10105

    I’m author of the renault master mod. I have a proposition for you. Could you draw me through email ([email protected])?

    1. kuba10105

      Could you contact me through email?

  12. 1.35 compatibilite ?

  13. MrRoom_ITA

    Please fix the horn

  14. Can someone please make 1.38 compatible?

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