Renault Megane IV V1R4 (1.33.X)

YouTube preview

Fixed glasses
Fixed gear
Fixed dealers
Fixed gauges

trzpro, yellow1441


10 thoughts on “Renault Megane IV V1R4 (1.33.X)

  1. This is a piece of creep. The gauges are showing the speed backwards.

  2. So… the interior isnt done yet. Right?

  3. SiMoN3 ETS2

    NO SOUND !

    1. dagamegator

      1.8 tdi engine has sound

  4. dagamegator

    HD VIDEO REVIEW 1.33 :

  5. JGaming HD

    HD video 1.33…

  6. Indeed, the speedometer marks backwards. Another bad edition of the skoda. But that’s exactly what this is about. The mods of this author do not serve to download, nor to use in ets2. The only thing that matters is that we see the videos of the car and if we also use the download link, much better. Even to check that the mod is not worth it, we need to see one or two videos first. And even after we have to remove the mod, we have already used the download ink.
    Frankly, all these mods are a hoax. If at least he did a real mod, even if it was just one.

    1. Exactly! All these Turkish modders should be barred from uploading car mods for ets2. That’s how bad they are…

  7. please, ban turkish modders from ets2lt
    they can only copy skoda.

    1. You dont understand this , skoda best car of every modders , ı am modders and ı use this but ı am not turkısh , and ı visit turkey , turkey best people ı love ,mosque .. wrong thinking, they are good people , Most comfortable skoda for mod

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