Renault Premium 1997 + interior


Download Renault Premium 1997 + interior & addons mod by Mr.Green and
Maks Ponomarev for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on version.


12 Responses to Renault Premium 1997 + interior

  1. Stefan says:

    nice truck good interior thanks

  2. carsten says:

    please password for skin this truck

  3. ORI says:

    Please open engine and trammmion folder
    i wanna change to my favorit habit 🙂

  4. Verdi says:

    nice outside model yes 🙂

  5. simon melkert says:

    die kankermod verneukt je hele spel

  6. ursturbo says:

    WOW!!!Great job guys!

  7. fati fatima says:

    it’s a good mode and I want it to be in the renault magnum integral

  8. RevelationWH says:

    I Wanna skin this truck, can you share the password please?
    I love this truck.
    Thanks for your mod..

  9. Marrcelo Sanchez says:

    Dear friend:
    Great work, but there is no Renault Premium,
    well made
    The premium by SCS, like mods,
    measures do not respect the chassis,
    dashboards are incomplete and unrealistic
    It is the poorest and truck alignment created by SCS
    I’m a fan of Renault, but I prefer Volvo
    I do not like unrealistic trucks
    It’s a shame, it’s a big truck
    Best Regards!
    Buneos Aires, Argentina

  10. sofiane says:

    i can have template for this mod

  11. VAT69 says:

    can i make a skin for your truck
    i love it
    can u give me the password

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