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1. Shadow.
2. Separate the slot and / with Renault.
3. Soft interior light with the letter S.
4. The painting is metallic.
5. Free camera in the cabin. You can move anywhere.
Now that has been done to upgrade.
1. Fully baked track. Beauty too.
2. Interior completely alter, sheathed good materials.
2. Make the bump mapping salon. It looks almost like the real one.
3. Added the registrar.
4. Added navigator.
5. Set mats.
6. Made laytmaska ​​own.
7. The all-new frame, higher quality.
8. 2 modes janitors.
9. pereschelkivaniya sounds are also added. Own truck sounds not yet added.
10. Log clean.

Author: Daniel Shamshur


7 Responses to Renault Premium

  1. pl_tv_software says:

    Video review v1.23:

  2. Darren says:

    real nice work, though if you can put the A/C back on the roof or do something with the gap in the roof spoiler then i’d be happy to download

  3. EREN YAZICI says:

    adapted 1.22 ? if add this mod front zzzzz. example zzzzzPremium.scs ?

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