Renault Premium Accessory & Re-rendered textures 1.21.1


YouTube preview

Version 1.0 For 1.21.1

re-render the texture body and some others
interior lightmap rendered
fixed truck height
fixed hook point
fixed other bugs and mistakes
turn on all lights
dashboard Red light reflection around
added wheels renault premium
added bumpers plastic and colored
added front grill plastic and default
added headlight plastic and default
added ability to install and remove spoiler for normal cab and higher
added wing colored and default for all chassis
added air horn renault premium
added Place for installation small lights
added Place for installation lights on sunshield
added Place for installation beacon on roof
added 6 LED small lights
added engine badge
added plastic mirror
added some color renault_premium
actions changes on truck company & uk & truck_dealer & uk & truck_desktop & uk
more natural materials
more natural textures

Author: Nice 2000 From IRAN
Base model: SCS Software

* Copy to bet of not changing the link and reupload *

Nice 2000


14 thoughts on “Renault Premium Accessory & Re-rendered textures 1.21.1

  1. will it work on 1.22

  2. Mr.GermanTruck
    1. Thank you very much

  3. Thank you for a great mod. Well done!

  4. looking good 🙂 thanks for sharing and thank Mr.GermanTruck for the video preview.

    I couldn’t help but notice that the engine badge on the door appear to missing there texture (appearing red) as well as the Premium badge on the side wall panels.

    1. another thing, can I request more spoiler options for the low cab? similar to the options we have for the high roof.


  5. Please do that with all trucks 😉

  6. EneaMaconi

    Don’t found the textures on plates, please fix it.

  7. A_Kamenev

    Nice2000 is the great assh*le,if you take my mod and write your f*cking nickname,at least change the name of the textures,###### moron

    1. @A_Kamenev
      My friend , do not worry ! you made a mistake!!! This is not your mod !!!

  8. Hey rude, do not slander
    Look to right will see that this MOD is not yours
    Ethics childish

  9. ariaei-group-pc

    join to ous channel telegram:

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