Renault Premium I 420 v 1.0

renault-premium-420-1 renault-premium-420-2 renault-premium-420-3

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Changelog V1.0

-dlc flag
-Dlc Cabin
-Lisence Plate
-And More


Please report any bugs that you find! Happy trucking.

Credits: Taina95, Daniil, SheryO, D9DbKO, ventyres

Accessory : moders team poland, 50k, MADster


9 thoughts on “Renault Premium I 420 v 1.0

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  2. Taina please fix speedo, it still does not work. i know its a Renault Premium dci and yes i know they are common for dashboard problems even in the real truck but please fix.

    1. JonTheVGNerd

      Mine even crashes ’cause it says the archive is corrupt. I can’t even copy it to the ETS2 mod files. :/

  3. Another “fast hand” trash mod……

  4. Какая жуткая панель приборов!Как же так получилось,Тайна?

  5. hello, The vehicle’s speedometer does not work it needs fix again

    Thank you

  6. Oh, same old mod. didn’t work properly on 1.14, doesnt work now. Those who like older Rens, stick to Integral and AE, they are (marginally) better

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