Renault Premium I


Renault Premium I.
Tested on version.

Author: Mr.Green.
Convert/edit: Maks Ponomarev.

Enjoy the game!


6 Responses to Renault Premium I

  1. Bob_Wilson says:

    very nice!! A lot of options to customize

  2. tyrannix2342 says:

    prima Truck

  3. Maxim Ponomaryov says:

    Author not Mr. Green
    Author SCS, [email protected]_1996

  4. MisterOlla says:

    game is crashing with this entry in the log file:

    “00:13:38.391 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘higher’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/renault_premium/interior/anim.pmd’
    00:13:38.391 : Falling back to first variant and look for interior animated model. Expect problems.”

  5. Stefan says:

    Haha looks like a Old truck out of the 80e or somthing but it looks funny Thanks Ceep on RENAULT trucks XD.

  6. carsten says:

    scs is closed why i want to skin this model closibg is very ######

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