Renault Premium Interior/Exterior Rework


Key features:

– New imroved dashboard in HD;
– Vast majority of interior textures changed on HD ones: plastic/fabric materials, various devices like mp3-radio, cb-radio, tachograph, lamps etc;
– Interiors recreated using real life data;
– Improved exterior truck textures: headlights (changed to Hella black version), lateral lights, tail lights, grill, radiator, factory doorsteps, 3 new textures for doorhandles and other changes;
– New HD version of outside interior texture;
– RHDLHD compatible.

Tested on latest 1.20-1.21 versions of ETS2, but on older versions mod should work too.
Attention!!! Mod is for vanilla truck! Also, because this truck partiallyuses data from Renault Magnum textures, as a bonus you will get updated interior/dashboard textures for Magnum too!



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