Renault Premium Romanian Edition

Renault-Premium-Romanian-1 Renault-Premium-Romanian-2 Renault-Premium-Romanian-3

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An updated version of Renault Premium

Truck got:
– Shadow
– Interior
– Tuning
– Animation
– AO
– Lightmask
– Wheels
– Wipers
– Detailed chassis
– Addapted to 1.23
– Fixed mirrors
– Redone AO
– Redone lightmask
– Antena CB
– RO plate
– T.I.R [3d plate]

If you repost truck on others sites , please don’t change original link download !

Authors: Robert,Daniil, SheryO, D9DbKO, ventyres


7 thoughts on “Renault Premium Romanian Edition

  1. usman hamsafar

    this not scs file

    1. Nicolae12

      No fake ! Tested by me and work perfect ! Great mod

    2. Mr.GermanTruck

      Not fake. I made a test Video, truck work fine. Look on my youtube Channel

  2. Really nice truck but it needs some work :)…speedometer do not work 😛 the 2 lights near the front licenplate is out of a date, and the right front light is abit off (when u turn the lights on), and the info pannel (press i) is abit off as well..but overall nice truck 🙂

  3. Westheimer

    go updating

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