Renault Premium Tuning

Renault-Premium-Tuning-1 Renault-Premium-Tuning-2

– Includes 3 Skins
– MKR Renault Motor DXi13 6 cylinder with 12.800 cm³ and 1.160 CV
– Gearbox 16 speed

Tested 1.9.22 version

Author: ETS2MOD


4 thoughts on “Renault Premium Tuning

  1. ####!!! ETRC.. i thought no one would do this mod. very nice work ETS2MOD

  2. Hotracer[SPA]

    vaya mierda de mos para esto teneis licencia de zmodeler3?? vaya perdida de tiempo… menuda basura

  3. Thank you.

  4. AngelOtelo

    hotracer no eres mas tonto porque no has nacido antes, hazlo tu tan listo que eres

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