Renault Premium v2.4


YouTube preview

– Fixed the shadow of the cab

The mod replaces the default Renault Premium!
– 2 cabins, there is a spoiler for each cabin: 2 for high and low for 1.
– All chassis
– Added nameplates engines
– Added decal on side windows
– 3 front bumper (completely paint, plastic + paint and completely plastic)
– 2 types of front mudguards
– Completely redesigned interior and EU partially reworked animations EU
– Make a real highlight the instrument panel and buttons
– Added collision in the truck seat for all chassis
– Use textures from fashion Renault Magnum with permission knox_xss
– Redesigned interior UK
– Added new skins (by Santa Claus)

– Added new decals on the side windows (for finding decals thanks ♚ Gray75 ♚)
– GPS is added from the DLC Cabin Accessories
– Other changes see video

– Fixed dashboard (gauges: fuel, coolant, air in the brake system)
– Fixed the previous version
– Added 3 new skins for both factory booths
– Fixed lighting of the dashboard

SCS and Schumi, knox_xss, DANZ, AlexeyP


3 thoughts on “Renault Premium v2.4

  1. Did you remove the 4×2 chassis options the video looks like there is only 1 4×2 now

  2. In addition the video do not see any spoiler for high cabin, although the text states that it has two. Very bad and poor, as it was taken from someone else’s work.
    If this is all just because of the skins, then it is not for nothing. Nobody has ever done for the improvement of 6×4 and 6×2 chassis and the same protective skirts, as evidenced by the low level
    programmers. Too bad. While we do not respect the original version of the truck, do not do cartoons that are really bad.

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