Renault Radiance BETA


This Truck is Beta version

Author: ETS2MOD


13 Responses to Renault Radiance BETA

  1. Tom says:

    Hey man, I haven’t downloaded it yet but it looks amazing but since your the same creator of the freightliner cascadia, when are you going to fix the wipers really love that mod but the wipers are the only downside 🙁

  2. Tom says:

    In which truck shop can you buy the truck??

  3. leave says:

    This very very very bad and ugly, this truck not work.! 1.3.1 version

  4. GameCheatTuts says:

    What truck does it replace?

  5. Per_DK says:

    Hey Man, your file is not working, it is damaged, could you try to make a new one, the truck looks really nice, but not possible to have it in the game :(.
    Keep it up Buddy.

  6. raphtouil says:

    super camion mais il ne fonctionne pas sur la version 1.3.1 vraiment dommage pour moi il est vide le scs

  7. Richard says:

    Only the wheels were replaced…. Nothing else…

  8. blade1974 says:


    Add to

  9. anon says:

    What a mess, most of the truck’s files are in a folder named ‘actros1844’ so it’ll probably conflict with something else, there are lots of copies of old files lying about, and then everything is locked to make it more of a pain to fix.

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