Renault Radiance Concept V1.2 Full


-Replaces a slot in the big Renault dealer
– A cabin available
– Only 4×2-chassis available
– 3 To 520 hp engines 440CV
– Interior original Magnum
– Paintable (not recommended to do it)
– Tuning can (many accessories in the wrong position)
– Rear lights not working
– Mirrors are not present

Changelog v 1.2:
– Fixed bug in the purchase of truck dealers in large
– Fixed the impacts of truck
– Taillights now operational
– Added two white lights at the top of the cab
– Added GPS to the interior
– Updated for latest version (1.9.x)

ETS2MOD, 98andrea98

DOWNLOAD 13 MB sharemods
DOWNLOAD 13 MB uploadfile

37 thoughts on “Renault Radiance Concept V1.2 Full

  1. Hell no.

    1. ACGamer98

      Video FULLHD+Trailer:



    Уебище какое.

  4. Holy #### its been in an accident :/

  5. kill it !

  6. ### please make real trucks not so a big ####

    1. This is a real truck and is now moving on the road! Do not you know?

  7. Make the best trucks, no that bullshits!

  8. ClassicDutchTrucker

    No offence, but this looks horrible.

    1. Delta_880

      Well he went off the actual Renault Radiance, and it’s very accurate

      1. Delta_880

        Well accurate… ’till ya look at it close up and lookin’ near the wheels… also the fact it doesn’t have rear view mirrors

  9. Freakin ugly, It doesent even look like truck.

    1. Tell Renault themselves, not the modder then.

  10. Remember that Volvo Trucks bought Renault V.I.

    1. They did, back in 2001. But volvo doesn,t make their trucks so renault trucks is like a different truck Company making their trucks and ideas but have volvo as “parent” 🙂

  11. Just as ugly as all the other Renaults

  12. sam moore

    sorry but that is one bug ugly truck

  13. ETS_Cobra

    Lol I like it!

  14. ETS_Cobra

    I checked it out and I change my mind on this rig.

  15. Sarah1224

    I like it, thanks.

  16. Apferreira Truckman

    interesting, more to something more interesting, because it seems closer to being real and exist even if someone can do would be cool, the truck and trailer for the new Walmart, watch the video:

  17. many people play this game and like renault trucks, dickhead 🙂

  18. Уберите это “Гавно” вообще из игры.И не закидывайте его вообще на сайт.Забудьте создатели моделей ETS2 об этом авто-это “Гавно”!

    1. А что не нравится?

  19. RayFiftyOne

    Looks like a terrible iron man movie.

  20. mod pase samo za 1.7.0

  21. Hello,

    can you do, please, a mod for Renault Magnum with on board navigation? Just Navigation in original board.

    Thanks in advance!
    See you!

  22. Hello Cosmin_ro,

    eu joc cu Renault Magnum de la inceputul jocului, deci … e vorba de gusturi … nu se discuta. Din acest mod nu-mi place decat sistemul de navigatie incorporat in bordul original, poate face un mod doar cu el.
    Toate cele bune, si ne mai “vedem” la Traian sau Mirfi. 🙂

  23. James Bakker

    Finally … , the future is her 🙂

    Why are some people birching about their personal flavor, but say nothing useful about the mod.
    Without these modder’s, this game would be very basic.
    Besides that,they earn R.E.S.P.E.C.T., for having the time to create an also upload and share it with us.
    At least a daring and a original idea / mod.

    Good effort , keep improving your work.


  24. godzilla2076

    No body make a truck western star or mack or the new intenational truck with new fenceon front plase thanks

  25. it still works under ETS2 2.18 – but, where ist the steering whel? May be, you can rework the truck? i love it.

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