Renault Radiance v 1.0 (Fixed)


Tested: 1.3.1

Author: ETS2MOD


12 thoughts on “Renault Radiance v 1.0 (Fixed)

  1. Thanks for fixing I’m going to check this mod out right now and give my feedback

  2. Ok I like this mod a lot however it needs improvement, there is no interior and my scania stax mod, peterbilt 379 mod and scania t500 mod don’t work with this mod (when using all 3 of them at the same time with the renault) but I expected that actually. Still it’s a nice mod just try to make an interior and don’t forget to fix the windscreen wipers of the freightliner cascadia

  3. FurkanSevke

    Hangi beceriksiz yapmış bunu ya 😀 bari bu kaar kötü bir modu kilitlemeseydide en azından matlarla hallederdik görüntüsünü biraz.

  4. this was one of the ugliest trucks i have ever seen, remove it ###!!

    1. why remove this it may not be the best looking rig in the world but nice to have a consept truck in the game

      keepup the good work modder

  5. Just tried it out ingame and… it’s pretty heavily broken in lots of ways. It’s got a straight copy and paste of the Magnum’s upgrades, except the bars clip through the roof and bumper and hover in front of the grille. The Magnum mirrors hover alongside the cab if you reset to default, and if you try to make it RHD the wipers and mirrors all get misplaced.

    The model and texturing aren’t really good enough to make it worth bothering to sort out all of the .def bugs either, the back of it is almost totally featureless. Maybe it might have been worth releasing as a community beta, but when it’s all locked I have to assume somebody thought this was ‘finished’.

  6. #### thats one ugly freakin truck

  7. Beautiful model. But needs tweaking mirrors and body textures.

  8. I like it… With black yellow interior… Sure there be improvements… But it’s good to use till then

  9. Thanks for this fix but the original is here:

  10. LegoLeipzig

    For me, the game crashes as of version 1.2.5.

    Bei mir stürtzt das Spiel ab Version 1.2.5.

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