Renault Range T 480


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– 2 x cabin Low
– many chassis
– 3x engine
– 2x Transmission
– original Range T Interior
– all colors
– dlc accessory
– Flag DLC
– test 1.26
Author: Polatlı Mods Team

Polatlı Mods Team


23 thoughts on “Renault Range T 480

  1. spartacus33

    A good news & Thanks !!!

  2. will give this a whirl

  3. Maticus1999

    Only thing we need now is RHD 😛

  4. Works for v1.25?

  5. scooterking


    1. scooterking

      need template

  6. Didnt show up for me ?

  7. Beautiful,but please template 😉

  8. Pat Stringer

    Good job, template please?

  9. It crash my game.

  10. File+Not+Found

  11. Oyun yok link ölmüş kardeşim mod çok güzel görünüyor.

  12. Like Simulator

    File Not Found

    The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.

    Possible causes of this error could be:
    The file expired
    The file was deleted by its owner
    The file was deleted by administration because it didn’t comply with our Terms of Use

  13. Nuri Sadik Kilic


  14. link HS

  15. Good work template please

  16. video

  17. Iuri Rondini

    @PMT: can you develop and upload .mat, .sii and .tobj files to build skins? Tanks.

  18. Can’t find it, check buying online and visiting the dealers….

  19. Andrcoll1

    for 1.28 please

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