Renault Range T 750 HP

Mod add 750HP with 5550 torque much than enought power for heavy trailers


I think this be my last mod uploaded here i make decision from now i upload my mods only on Patreon because i see people not respect modders and reupload mod or re-edit it. So if you want more my mods or get more my mods visit my Patreon website

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7 thoughts on “Renault Range T 750 HP

  1. Your speech is perfect
    but the first not to abide by the rules is you
    1-‘ve always blocked the SCS files (free for all SCS)
    2- ets2studio and Free Software for everyone, you have always blocked the work created with ets2studio.
    Now you demand respect?
    I have nothing to you (and I am very sorry) but this is the result

    1. @Zoso

      My friend i know all that but i with locking my mods just protect my mods from re-editing and stealing my files i know SCS is free for all but i locking because some people use my mods and example change somethings and made scs than says its his mod. I hate that because i not allow reediting my mods ot reuploading

      Dont worry this is my last mod which is uploaded here from now all my mods is only on my Patreon website

      1. I want to clarify that I have nothing against you, you are free to do what you think is right.
        Internet is a very powerful weapon, the only way to feel comfortable not share anything on the Web.
        Those who have never downloaded a free song? (YES, and I do not hide)
        I hope you know what I mean (not always the translator is correct)
        however, I’m sorry if you do not want to here Share your work
        Hail Ciao and good evening,and do not get angry

        1. rekcarT ehT

          .idnoces 2 ni ihccolbs ol TRAD noc ozzac led iggaccolb itseuq allun a onovres noN

  2. biggy smalley

    5550 torque from 750 hp? I don’t think so.

  3. Anyone can do this. Simply open: def\vehicle\truck\###\engine\###.sii.
    info[]: “### @@[email protected]@ (###@@[email protected]@)”,
    info[]: “[email protected]@[email protected]@### @@[email protected]@”,
    info[]: “[email protected]@[email protected]@###[email protected]@[email protected]@### @@[email protected]@”,
    torque: xxxx,
    rpm_limit: xxxx,
    volume: xx.x,
    no_adblue_power_limit: x.x,
    there is no need to lock such simple def-edits!!! And Renault T Range doesn´t have any engine like this! This is a simulator, not a racing game! 520HP are more than enough for a clean ride! Do you even know anything about real trucks? How many 750HP FH16 did you see?? The common trucks have 400-500 HP.

  4. so does this work or not? on 1.27. The discription does not tell it and I’m afraid this is Pasword protected.

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