Renault Range T (C, K) hooklift v1.1 [1.48/1.48.5]

This mod gives you new hooklift chassis variant for SCS Renault T trucks.

2 containers (with template (located in archive))
standard tuning (fenders, sidewall, rear lights)
liftable/steerable axle
advanced coupling
clean log
missing in interior PTO panel
known issue (trailer cables dont work and I gave up this fight after half a day of solving where is problem)

Chassis have own definition, so there are no conflicts with other mods
Compatible with truck mod Renaul T, C, K by Aryan
Updated to 1.48-1.48.5.x



2 thoughts on “Renault Range T (C, K) hooklift v1.1 [1.48/1.48.5]

  1. Its pretty funny that someone is trying to impersonate me and reupload my mods 🙂

    1. TheJustice

      Report it on modsfire and the file will be deleted

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