Renault Range T fixed

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– Fixed some errors
– Added custom mettalic paint
– Adapted company logo skin
– All shop icons



39 thoughts on “Renault Range T fixed

  1. lordmodets2

    in traffic ?

    1. not in traffic because the mod still have the “temporary buffer is insufficient” error with the big size of the 3D model.

      But the truck is in quick job with 4 variants.

  2. What exactly have you fixed? Since RTA uploads a brand new fix every update? Which everyone who bought the mod can download?
    So you basically shared a paid mod for free right now.

    1. Use your brain before talking !!!

      – better sound than RTA new release
      – added all company paint job to the truck (not in RTA release)
      – added all custom mettalic paint job (not in RTA release)
      – added all icons in shop for all pieces (not in RTA release)
      – removed the excessive windshield reflexion

      You want more ?

  3. AzoraxModdingGaming

    ah typical Mahad110 steals everyone elses mods

    1. shut up and go back to your ###### mods.

      It’s not just buy and share, now the truck is better.

      1. AzoraxModdingGaming

        Mahad110 oh ###### mods then why did you convert my Raptor to ATS if its so ######? WITHOUT PERMISSION

        1. Because now it’s so much better than your release but you’re probably egocentric to recognize it’s true.

          And if you don’t want people edit your mods, finish them instead of release them with many bugs.

          And don’t take me for #####, you stole of all your mods from other games ! You’r just make simple conversions.

          1. AzoraxModdingGaming

            “simple conversions” don’t take 2-6 weeks like mine do i do all my mods standalone with AO baking etc also read the description i put DO NOT EDIT etc on all my mods you piece of #### learn how to ####### read

      2. AzoraxModdingGaming

        i would like to see you create a car from 0 from nothing not just take other peoples stuff WITHOUT PERMISSION and edit a bit and reupload

        1. Yeah i can create a car from nothing, you think is really hard to use Zmodeler3 ? LOOOOOL

          For sure i know : materials, shaders, making an Template etc…. I also know how to make a properly sturcutre mod with correct folders and name.

          But i dont have time to do it, i have a real life and a real work that gives me a real money to buy mods ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. AzoraxModdingGaming

            so i have a job i study and still find time to do mods from scratch making them standalone with templates, standalone and i make all materials and i do it myself i do not take mods that are put into game already and edit and claim that they are mine

  4. Just STFU, ###### like RTA are the ones ruining this community. Still mind blowing how people actually pay for this piece of #### that has 0 optimization, it’s just meant to look good and take your money.

    Nobody cares about paid mods that get re-uploaded, those who sell them get what they deserve.

    Mods should be free!!!

    1. AzoraxModdingGaming

      and thats why i keep private mods private because people with your mentality exist

    2. With a minimum of education one can discuss everything and without offending anyone.
      Do the mods need to be free? this is just your opinion but nobody forces you to buy them, I do not ask myself this problem because I do not buy anything.
      To create the mods you lose a lot of time and an author can decide whether to sell them or as well
      share them for free.
      It is very incorrect (forbidden) to reload or modify the mods of other Modders without their permission.
      ###### question: if one steals your wallet with money would you be happy?

      1. With a minimum of education, you would actually live on planet earth. The real question is: if one steals your wallet that you also stole, would you be happy?

        “It is forbidden to reupload mods”. You don’t say? Are the mods legally copyrighted? Does the modder have SCS’ permission to sale the mod? Does RTA have Renault’s permission to even make the mod, let alone sell it?

        There’s a difference between your silly verbal agreement and the LEGAL agreement. Legally, you don’t own ####. Legally, you have no rights. Legally, absolutely nothing will happen to me, I can do whatever I want with your mods.

        1. Excuse me you did the parrot repeating what you wrote
          I started with the first ETS (in 2008) and you do not have to explain anything
          if you do not want to understand the concept of respect for the Modders you do not need to comment.
          I remind you that this game is alive thanks to the merit of the Modders because after a week of play becomes boring and without mod is even more noioiso.
          I’m sorry you did not understand my concept and that the example of the wallet bothered you, patience.
          You do not need money for RESPECT to everyone.

          1. zoso, switch your brain on and try to learn basic English.

            PS – of course it’s illegal to sell mods, do you even live on planet earth?

          2. 4fun, I agree with you unfortunately I do not speak English and I have no intention of learning because I am illiterate
            and I rely on google (does not always translate correctly) and I do not need to turn on my brain, you do the teacher because you do not answer me in Italian?
            So I can answer you correctly, and maybe make you notice your writing errors.
            I would like to live on another planet earth to not meet people like you and.
            For the rest it is time lost, and very easy to make the cockerels behind the PC keyboard.

        2. aJoke, you’re wasting time with people wearing blinkers all the time! What they do not know is that selling a mod is totally against SCS Software’s creative property law! That’s why there is the Creative Commons license, which allows respect for the modder, while sharing his project for free! Donations can be made, but selling an addition to a game is illegal! Even the ProMods team is wrong, but nobody pays attention! This is also why SCS Software often enough the work of this map by taking some elements, but also out of the DLC that replace the work already done by this team! The main French mapper of the group has also left because of these internal conflicts! Regarding the agreement of the real brands, it is free as long as the creator does not pay on the back of them! Which is unfortunately the opposite in 90% modders! That said, the indirect advertising of a mod compared to a brand will still be beneficial to the latter! But to make money without the consent of the intellectual owner of the product is liable to a fine! Personally, I share my content only through Mega! At least, I respect the law, and I make enjoy my creations with my group without being paid in return! It’s a charter that many professional forums have set up for real modders! But on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, the average age is so low that these people know nothing about the legality of certain rights!

          1. A parrot was not enough! the second one was missing
            Do not waste time has to write useless things, and try to read well and understand the concept to me you do not have to explain anything if you need some information is available to you.
            According to your intelligence it is forbidden to sell mods (Modders do not oblige anyone to buy) but it is correct to steal the mods of other authors to take the
            Sharemods credits? This according to you would be correct.

          2. If my explanations were so useless as that, there would not currently be the vast majority of modders in error! Then, the term steal a mod can have 2 variants: take an archive of a creator and repost it as it is without the slightest obvious modification, or recover a file of a moddeur, to bring unique complements, and share it with his tower! In the first case, it is up to you to protect your mod so that no addition can be affixed! In the second, as long as the borrower indicates the name of the original creator in the credits and reports the changes made on the mod, I do not see where is the problem! Nexus has been working like this for years, and this has never been a conflict between modders! Without doubt a more mature community on this site!

          3. Yes, I understand your concept, let’s say the same thing
            on the web 80% download everything and illegally (me too)
            But in the game, and in the forum rules are different it would be enough just to respect everyone.
            This problem between real modders does not exist because everyone creates the mods from scratch and update them if necessary, the elements like the one above are real modders disappear and many are gone, the consequences pay people like me who are not modders.
            Do not lecture like 4fun, I’m sorry I do not speak English.
            Ti saluto CiaoZ.

          4. I do not speak English either, because I’m from a generation where this language was not compulsory at the time! ๐Ÿ™‚ Long live the internet translation! ๐Ÿ˜€ But thank you for taking the time to answer me! The main thing is that we get to understand each other! The day the modellers Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator will respect each other, it will probably be the end of the world! ๐Ÿ˜› I am rather optimistic by one of my professions, but as the selfishness and capitalism of more and more creators rot the field of modding, we are not close to see a model Utopian happen! ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for example RTA that threatens users while it does not respect the law itself! Or Mandelsoft who insults players because he thinks they are stingy about not wanting to buy his map! Personally, I share on this site only my file radios of the world! The rest, I only post it on the page of my group and my community forum! Because of this, I do not have a problem with theft! But we must also see the positive side of the thing! Indeed, if someone re-sharing the mod of another, it is that it is successful and he is involuntarily advertising! It’s all about sharing your own download link securely! The smart community will then report the thieves who changed the link if the file is the same! In any case, that’s what I do as soon as I see it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Mahad thank excellent work, super fine adaptation!
    e tried different lights in bars either front or top thank you and l the RTA models greetings

  6. Rox The Fox

    For 1.32 only or working for 1.31 too ???

  7. +55followgoodtrucker1994

    Great upload, thanks, you’re doing God’s work. I already bought the game I ain’t buying trucks. SCS doesn’t sell them, neither should modders. It’s hard work, yes, but if you don’t want to make mods because you want to improve the game and be a part of the community, then go look for a job at a dev company and stop scamming us.

  8. The last thing to be clear, if i gives credit to RTA the mod will be never uploaded here (tried 3 time) so it’s the reason i put only my name.

  9. Ghostheijink

    Stolen by RTA Team
    Mod has already been reported

    1. Poor kid ๐Ÿ™‚

      The mod is uploaded on many sites, so you can do nothing, it’s too late ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. You are one hell of a ####### Mahad110…

        1. Lick my rectum ๐Ÿ˜€ This is the life and i love it

          1. Jajajajajaaja

            Haha Mahad110n you’re awesome man! been waiting for some time for the range T to leak.. Please, do it with more of their trucks, also the trailers ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. Jajajajajaaja,You are another with a chicken’s brain.
            for the people like you and your friend the Modders disappear and do very well
            then you will be attending to the tram.

  10. Now you have dealt with the wrong person.
    So I’m going to let your data come from a lawyer and we’ll see a lot

    1. You want to use a”lawyer” but nothing was done when previous versions was leaked by some others people …..

      Before doing this please contact Renault and be sure you have their authorizations to use their brand and reproduce their truck.

      I think no ….

    2. @RTA LOL, good luck with that. Make sure to tell your lawyer that the mod you are ILLEGALLY SELLING got leaked.

      PS – didn’t Kenworth shut down one of your websites?

  11. HI Mahad110, great mod and thanks for putting it out here.
    Could you please upload the Volvo FM if you do have it?

    Now to some of the critic here:
    Firstly, the RTA team have no legal reason to sue the uploader as it’s not against the law to do it. RTA is even breaking the law when they are selling the model as they do not have any licence from Renault or Volvo which is also an owner over Renault.

    Promods however is totally allowed to sell their map mod as they do not sell the map but it’s for donations only and for donating you also get the map mod but without any hassle. Sure they have some brands in their map but as they are actually offering the map for free then they can not be held on any legal actions as they go under the CCC.

  12. Trucker_Schmitt

    Short comin’in,
    reading even you idiotic statements, complains and vice versa.
    Are you all became to the lousy personal state of an #####???
    Why here all the loud accusations, instead of being thankful to the real creator and uploader?
    Why you spend so much time to disregard a person meanwhile you all are like blood-suckers as to #### everything which seems to be valued but with same and bad energy you hit all other people just for some own egoistic reasons?
    Are you ###### animals?
    Are you idiotic and remote-controlled at all, to react as robots instead of humans???
    Shut up ALL of you, I tell you.
    Come back to the basics.
    ‘Free – or not free’ – who cares at all?
    Here is a pretty good upload of a truck which many people like!
    So why spent so much time in accusing each other for ‘nothing’?
    For what at all?
    That’s really superflous, don’t you think?

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